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Blog it Forward – Aditya Varrier

Hi Dear Friends,

My name is Aditya Varrier, SAP Workflow Consultant by profession, Virgo by birth, a dropout in MBA.

Blog Forwarded to me by @Tim Hoebeek in his BIF post (thanks Tim), where he raised 3 interesting questions to me:

a)    What inspires you?

b)    What is typical about your culture/country/environment?

c)    What is most fun thing you ever experienced?

…to which my answers are:

What inspire me.

            When I was a teenager, cricket sport inspired me.

            After my graduation, SAP career inspired me.

            Now, married and a father; my son inspires me. A fantastic experience to see him grow,

            watch how he learns/imbibes everything that he SEES and FEELS.

aarush aditya.jpg

Typical about your culture/country/environment.

            Proud to be an Indian, a country with 1652 dialects.

We are known as ‘Spice  bowl of the world’ as countries invaded India, just for spice.

So come, stay, explore India and ‘Spice up your life’.

We had great mathematicians like Baudhayana who first calculated the value of PI and

solved a problem of finding a circle whose area is same as that

of a square.

Fun thing I experienced.

            First crush/love/marriage is a fun experience [smile] (the later, is it really [;)])

            Well I like flying kites, it’s real fun.

BIF is cool, I would like to blog it forward to kishan p, Akhilesh Singh

Would like to know the following from them:

a)    Best place you visited till date or Place you wish to visit

b)    An interesting piece of information you read on the web. Could be on SAP, science, health, history anything.

c)    What next you wish to see in SAP?

P.S I wasnt able to open the join table to add names, now since its open, I have edited the names in my blog.

aarush aditya.jpg
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  • Hi Aditya,

    Wow, it's so wonderful to meet another #sap_wf enthusiast in the #BIF.  And the picture of your son brought a huge smile to my Monday morning- which is not an easy thing to do!

    How did you get started in SAP Workflow?  Sometimes it's because nobody else will do it - other times it's because *nobody else can!*.  I am sure there are other reasons too.


    • Hey thanks Susan,

      I was fascinated by it, thats how I ventured into Workflow and can say that during my initial months of SAP career, everybody in the project agreed to what I told them on Workflow as I was the only one 🙂 . But the disadvantage of being a lonely Workflow guy is scary too 🙂

      Have read few of your interesting blogs, may be someday should write a blog on 'weird WF experiences in projects' that would be fun 🙂

      Thanks again.


      Aditya V

      • A blog on Weird WF experiences would be fun, but maybe I should wait until the end of my employment.

        I am technically the only WF'er here - and yeah, it gets a little scary (for my employer too, I am sure) and also a little lonely.  When we have had consultants on site, it has been nice to be able to sit down and say 'Now, what do you think about handling this process in such-and-such a way'.  So now I pretty much just throw darts at the wall to determine the best way to proceed 😈

      • 😆 😆 I am an SAP Mobility consultant I had developed some mobile apps with the PO/PR workflows. Even I don't know much on workflow development I would like to read a blog on "Weird WF experience".

        - Midhun VP

  • Hi Aditya,

    great BIF post! I have also worked on SAP Business Workflow on numerous occasions (and still do sometimes), it's often good fun 🙂 And as always, every now and then there are some issues to solve, which keeps us sharp 😆

    The Dutch-speaking part of Belgium also has a lot of dialects, but we cannot compete with 1652, you win! 😏



    • Hi Tim,

      thanks, thats good to know that you too have worked on SAP Workflows. Yeah! Workflow always keeps us working 😆

      Thats interesting to know about Belgium, hm, would be a visit list in my bucket. Dont know when that would happen 😐


      Aditya V

  • Hi Aditya,

    Welcome to the Family of BIF.

    Nice to know you through BIF.

    I liked one thing a lot and that is "My name is Aditya Varrier, SAP Workflow Consultant by profession, Virgo by birth, a dropout in MBA"

    Please go through the link given below and see the magic of the college dropouts in the world.

    Hope to see you soon like them.

    Keep up the good work. 🙂

    Best of Luck. 🙂



    • Hi Eugene,

      am 1 amongst 7 BILLION people on earth 🙂

      thanks for the link you sent and thats really motivating 🙂

      Would be happy to read your BIF too.


      Aditya V