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Third Party Service selling through customer service.



  1. Service order will be created from the Service order
    template and released.
  2. Service Contract would be created and would be
    reference to the notification linked to the Service order
  3. Purchase requisition having Line items can be
    converted to Purchase orders.


Ongoing activity monthly:


  1. Monthly the Service confirmation through SES for a
    single activity in the month.(SAY JAN/FEB)
  2. Batch Job would be set up monthly which would run DP90
    in background and bring back all Costs and add profit in pricing conditions as
    well as taxes if applicable from the service order.
  3. Batch Jobs would be setup every month to Bill- MIRO the
    Service entry sheet and create the vendor invoice for vendor payments.
  4. The billing would be done and the Invoice can be sent
    to the customer for payment.

   Closing activity:


  1. Month ending batch jobs to run and execute the
    settlement of the Service order to Profitability analysis.
  2. Program run IW72 to close the Service orders.
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  • Amlan,

    Thank you for your document!

    In the section: On going activity monthly; is first 3. Billing document created for external customer and then 4. MIRO?

    In standard 3rd party process, first invoice verification is done, thereafter the billing document to the external customer is created.

      • Amlan,

        1. In Prerequisites - Is a service order first created and then a service contract (with reference to the service order)?

        Could you give some more details (in your document) w.r.t. the below:

        2. What service is your company providing by this 3rd party vendor?

        3. During creation of a sales order, do you have a dedicated (separate) sales document type for the 3rd party process?

        Or the sales document type is the same and there are different (separate) item category?

        4. (linked to 3) Is the service provided by the company and the 3rd party vendor? or only by 3rd party vendor?

        • Adding points to Amlan's post,

          #2, Maintenance Service to the Customers.

          #3,I left the project since long, I don't remember Exactly but I guess no separate Sales doc types.

          #4, Service being provided by Both, Order will be created based on Technician availability.