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How to delete PACKAGE from HANA studio

How to delete PACKAGE from HANA studio

1.Unable to delete package from HANA studio


2. While deleting from HANA studio it will showing inactive object present in package and refusing to delete the package.

     You can find out inactive object using below sql queries



3. Once you have found the inactive object using above query

    You can delete it using below query



4. Once you have deleted inactive object you can delete the package from HANA studio.


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  • Hi Atul,

    Nice Document..

    I have a set of question though

    What happens to the data in the related tables like other INACTIVE_* tables, wouldn't it get inconsistent once the data in INACTIVE_OBJECT is deleted?

    How should one handle this?



  • Thanks for the post,

    May I know which user you use to execute the sql statements? Do you know what rights are required prior the run?

  • Hi Atul

    This way with fiddling with the contents of the repository tables is neither supported nor recommended and will leave the repository in an inconsistent state.

    What about all the already activated objects? What about the text data and the cross references?

    So please don't recommend this technique as it could easily lead to a completely unusable repository.

    - Lars

    • Hi Lars,

      Is there any standard way to delete the packages which have inactive objects. It is required sometimes of the administrator to delete a package which is no longer used. But due to this error one cannot delete the package.



    • Hi Lars,

      Yes You are right here ,it is not recommended way of doing but it is a one work around .

      Best Regards,


      • Hi all

        the mentioned SAP knowledge base article does describe a workaround and some additional checks that need to be performed before anything gets deleted.

        Unfortunately it doesn't warn properly of the possible damage that could be done to the repository.

        In any case: if you face such an inconsistency of the repository, please do open a support incident with SAP. This is not as the system should behave and therefore to be considered a bug.

        - Lars

  • I fully agree with Lars, but we had the same issue and no other chance to delete certain inactive objects, not even the owner of these objects was able to see/delete them. A better solution would be highly appreciated.



  • Please own the inactive objects from others using change Switch Ownership option  to your name and then you can able see those object under above mentioned test package. Then you can delete the inactive objects.