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Author's profile photo Helena Losada

Importance of offering lower barriers to entry for developers

You have probably already seen our offering to get a free 30-day trial on SAP HANA. What you may not be aware of is that SAP is collaborating with CloudShare to make SAP HANA available to developers ON THE CLOUD. What does this mean? How is this ‘lowering the barriers of entry’? Let’s take a look:

  1. There is no need for developers to install or configure anything to get started
  2. It takes 60 seconds to get the SAP HANA environment up and running – including the SAP HANA Studio Developer Edition
  3. Developers can use it all in the cloud, or use a local installation and connect to the cloud
  4. At any time during the trial, developers can move to the next level by upgrading to a free SAP HANA developer edition

In addition, CloudShare enables developers to collaborate with other developers and colleagues, backup their work and when ready, deploy to production.

Check out this quick comparison of an on-premise installation of SAP HANA and a cloud-based SAP HANA environment:

If you were holding back because you thought it would take too long to get setup, click here to sign up for your SAP HANA free trial on the cloud.

Learn more about how SAP is working with CloudShare here.

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      Author's profile photo Andy Silvey
      Andy Silvey

      Hi Helena,

      thank you for conveying information on the efforts SAP is making to lower the barriers of entry for Developers access to Hana.

      Personally, I think the greatest show of strength from SAP in lowering the barriers to entry on Hana would for SAP to make available a:

      . SAP Hana Platform edition for Developers - for installation on a local high spec'd pc running the Suse linux

      . Which when executing hdbsetup didn't respond and say you don't have enough RAM

      These days, powerful pc's running Suse Linux and having a lot of RAM are available, and it must be possible to release a Hana Platform edition for Developers where the setup checker allows a lower amount of RAM. I know that in the earlier Hana SP levels there was not the RAM check and it has been possible to put Hana Platform edition on a high powered pc.

      Once it is possible for interested parties to install their own local Hana Platform edition for Developers, then the barriers to entry will have been dismantled.

      When that happens, Developers and other parties can  develop their skills in the product and can then lobby their companies more to go down the Hana route.

      All the best,


      Author's profile photo Thomas Grassl
      Thomas Grassl

      Hi Andy,

      the downloadable SAP HANA developer edition has been raised a few times and we are aware of the interest, esp. for folks who are much deeper involved in development.

      We are working on a downloadable version but at this time we can't provide a timeline or estimate on the availability.

      In the meantime we added a few providers and it seems also prices for the instances are coming down, which is always good news.


      Author's profile photo Andy Silvey
      Andy Silvey

      Hi Thomas,

      where to start 🙂

      1) Thank you for taking the time to reply

      2) This is excellent news that there is a pipeline for a SAP Hana Platform Edition for Developers and Administrators to install on their own Suse pc's with lots of ram. This news

      is really worth blogging for the whole community to know about and not just people who stumble upon the feedback to this blog, but still let's wait until there is a timeline

      3) I have to say, this is an example of the power of the SAP Community Network, it is unbelievable how the little people out there like me, doing SAP Basis can have such an open and direct communication channel to the people in the know in SAP. This is another example of the power and value of SNC.

      So, to wrap up, thank you for the excellent news, and I can't wait to see the timeline.

      All the best, nice weekend,