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SAP pioneers the use of ‘Massive Open Online Courses’  (MOOC) in the business world with a new training called Introduction to Software Development on SAP HANA: It introduces you to native programming on SAP’s in-memory platform featuring the following topics:


  • Developing Applications for SAP HANA
  • Database Tasks, Loading, and Modeling
  • SQLScript Basics
  • Exposing and Consuming Data with OData
  • Exposing and Consuming Data with Server-Side JavaScript
  • SAP HANA Advanced Development Options


The course is open to everyone –  SAP internal, customers, SAP ecosystem including University students. It complements existing offerings from SAP Education. Running for six weeks, starting on May 27, 2013, it requires half a day of study time per week. With a mix of online lectures, self-tests,
weekly assignments, and online discussion forums, the new course aims to provide an experience similar to traditional classroom training, but with
greater flexibility for the learner and virtually unlimited scalability.

While the course is intended for software developers who are new to SAP HANA, we recommend that you obtain an understanding of the fundamental concepts of in-memory data management before the course begins. To that end, we have prepared warm-up lectures on this topic which are available as of today.


Please sign up at openSAP today, engage in a common learning experience with members of the SAP ecosystem, and help spread the word about SAP HANA – the world’s best platform for rapid development and real-time business.


For more information, you can also visit online.

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  1. Ian MacGregor

    Hi Bernd,

    Thanks for the info. It’s great to see this being offered to the community as a MOOC…very excited and look forward to attending.



  2. Tom Cenens

    Hi Bernd

    I liked the openHPI in-memory data management course a lot so I’m very happy to sign up for this. Although I’m not a developer, who knows, maybe I’ll start developing again after following this course 🙂 .

    Best regards


  3. Devraj Bardhan

    This is an exceptional initiative and am sure if SAP opens up training for new products via this route the client and partner adoption will be much higher.

  4. Kavindra Joshi

    HI Bernd ,

    I have taken some courseware online and had always wondered when will SAP come out with any this like this ? Ahh and now I read about this course and registered !!!! WOuld be looking forward to this course.



  5. Tim Breitwieser

    This is a great new format and opportunity to familiarize with SAP HANA. As stated by Bernd this MOOC course complements the SAP Education offering. To get a snapshot on how it complements and how it differentiates please see this post.

  6. Former Member

    I’m enrolled , thanks guys for your effort and time. I have AWS account setup , my understanding from HANA Dev manual that access to , HANA XS (Extended application services) is not meant for public, So in this case I wonder how we should give a test drive.

  7. Former Member

    following my previous comment , I was referring to this statement by SAP on developer_manual

    “Application development with SAP HANA Extended Application Services (SAP HANA XS) is currently only available as an SAP-led project solution, for pre-approved customers and partners. This applies to server-side JavaScript programming, support for ODATA and XMLA, Web server features and the Web application development environment.”

    any idea how to test HANA XS part of your course lessons on AWS Trail access to HANA ONE

    1. Trond Stroemme


      I have the AWS setup since a couple months ago, you have access to the majority of the XS features you describe above. Please follow the link in my posting below to check out the tutorial videos for how to use the various HANA XS features.



  8. Former Member

    I have completed one week of the course, and find it very worthwhile.  Can new lessons be made made available earlier than scheduled?

    1. Former Member

      Post this question on discussion section of your selected course( , You will get direct quick  answer for your questions


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