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Hi Everyone,

ITAB_DUPLICATE_ENTRY DUMP was a dump, we were getting more often, when I started working with CRM. When tried to resolve it, I Couldn’t find proper guidance to solve the problem. So decided to resolve it and prepare a document so others can resolve it easily.

The dump ITAB_DUPLICATE_KEY occurs in situations like 2 views/windows have same name or assigning a same view/viewset/overview page more than once.


Cause: img1.JPG

Result Dump:


This leads to creation of a duplicate key in the Repository.xml, which is generated by a BSP Application for each component set.


This can be resolved by deleting the duplicate data created in the repository.xml manually. Steps to be followed are as follows.

Step 1:

Use the T-Code SE80 to go to Object Navigator.


Step 2:

From the first drop down on the left side, select the “BSP Application” option.


Step 3:

Enter your application component set name in which you have the dump, in the textbox next to the where you selected BSP Application and press enter.

This will display all the classes that the CRM framework has generated for the particular component along with the Repository.xml file.


Step 4:

  • Double click on Repository.xml file and check for the duplicate entry.
  • Change the mode of file to Edit mode.
  • Now delete the appropriate duplicate entry as per your requirement and activate the Repository.xml.
  • This will resolve the problem of ITAB_DUPLICATE_KEY Dump and restore component to its normal working.


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