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Entry Trace

Very often we require tracing how a particular process is executed. At times, it takes considerable effort going through the standard tasks delivered by SAP trying to understand what tasks are being called and the SQL Statements being issued at various stages. I would like to show how easy it is to setup a tracing on Entry objects to achieve lot of information which are getting processed within IdM. This option is available as of IdM 7.2

Navigate to http://<hostname_source>:<port_source>/idm/admin and under the Tab “Trace” you can provide the entry which we would like to trace. You can either provide the MSKEY or MSKEYVALUE with the bracket <> as shown below. This is the same as setting the Global Constant MX_TRACE_ENTRY in the Identity Centre.


I have put a trace on the user 8995555 and I navigate to the Change Identity task UI to modify the department, Building Code, Floor attributes and save the details.


Navigate back to the Trace screen and click on “Refresh” button. This should bring up a big list as shown below. Notice that the modified attributes along with the values are also displayed.


Click on the link “Download trace (as CSV)”. This gives more flexibility to filter based on components. Since I have selected the checkbox “Enable Trace from Runtime components”, this should also display messages for Dispatcher and DSE components. In the below screens you should be able to notice the execution flow – which details on the sequence in which the tasks were called, the messages displayed at each step and also the SQL/Stored procedures which were executed.


There is also a good wiki post by Christopher Leonard on the different tracing options available in IdM –

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