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Beyond the Classroom Webinar– Education when and where you need it

SAP Education has traditionally delivered most of its training courses in a classroom setting.  Students – who we call ‘delegates’ – sign up weeks, sometimes months in advance to take five days out of their schedules and to travel – sometimes overseas – to take the training at a time and a place dictated by SAP!  While classroom training will always have a place in a learning programme, SAP Education is committed to providing access to training wherever and whenever our customers and partners need it.  Indeed, other blogs have been written here on SCN about the need to adapt training methodologies to
suit the growing demand for learning via non traditional methods.

In March 2013 SAP Education commissioned the research and consulting firm, Pierre Audoin Consultants to conduct a survey to analyse the trends
in the area of enterprise software training.  The survey was conducted across different regions to provide a greater understanding of the trends in diverse cultures and geographies.  The initial results of these findings are very interesting, and both SAP Education and Pierre Audoin Consultants are looking forward to providing details in a webinar to be held on 29th May.  To register for these webinars, please go to:

EMEA/US webinar – 29th May at 15:00 CET

APJ webinar – 29th May at 13:00 SGT

We look forward to joining you on the 29th May for what promises to be a very interesting and informative session

Training ‘Beyond the Classroom’                              

Over the first few months of 2013, SAP Education has been running a series of sessions/webinars around the theme of training Beyond the Classroom.  It has been our aim with these sessions and related blogs to highlight the varying nature of the tools and practices available from SAP Education which are designed to help people learn at a time and a place that suits their needs. 

For easy reference, here’s a brief sampling of what SAP Education has on offer:

The SAP Learning Hub offers fast, easy access to up-to-date learning materials for consultant training on the go.  It contains all SAP Education training materials in one hosted solution allowing access to e-learning, Online Knowledge Products as well as hundreds of course manuals. 

eLearning courses are another way SAP allow you to learn at a time and place that suit you.  From interactive web-based introductory courses to detailed Online Knowledge Products, there are courses designed to suit the needs of nearly everyone.  Our new eLearning Subscriptions offer libraries of elearnings to individual users for a 12-month period and we have an expanding range of SAP Learn Now courses designed specifically for the iPad which offer the convenience of learning offline wherever you can take your tablet. 

eAcademies are an extension of SAP Education’s elearning courses and bring together system access and detailed online courses to provide a platform for learning SAP solutions in depth and preparing for SAP certification.

Of course, there are times when learners do want the guiding hand of an experienced instructor but would prefer not to travel. Or perhaps our customers may have attendees in multiple locations they want to bring together into a single session.  For such scenarios a good option are Virtual Live Classrooms, which provide comprehensive training from SAP experts using seamless over-the Web connectivity.

Interested in learning more? Perhaps you have a few questions? Please join us for our Beyond the Classroom webinar on 29th May. We look forward to your participation!

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  • Rob,

    SAP and its partners "sell" courses (e.g. 21 days class-room training for a module, elearning etc.). But after acquiring / following these courses the candidate still faces a big challenge to get a job in the SAP market.

    Seeing this result, is SAP thinking of how to make their education "more effective"? (i.e. the market hires candidates based on the training they have received from SAP or its partners?)

    • Hi TW,

      Absolutely...SAP Education is very much aware of the tight job market and the need to have a strong and crisp skillset.  That is why SAP has made a conscious effort over the past year to focus our courseware development efforts on ensuring that the courses we build are directly targeted at the tasks that the delegates need to perform to do their jobs correctly, accurately, and quickly.  It all starts with a job task analysis (JTA) process where we spend some time talking with consultants and others who perform the roles that the courses are targeted at and systematically refine the responses into a list of definitive tasks that are then used as the input to the course blueprint.  By focusing on tasks, rather than on features/functions, SAP Education is aiming to ensure that every course build is presenting information that is not only up to date (we do, of course, also include as many new features a possible), but also completely relevant to the delegate,, the job they are seeking to fill, and the potential employer looking to take them on board.  And, since, the way we build our courseware is now more systematic, we are able to ensure that this task-based approach is filtered through all of our delivery formats; classroom, eLearning, eAcademy etc.