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ABAP Addon Upgrade Issues to 4.0 SP1

We noticed customers facing some issues during the ABAP addon upgrade from 3.0 SP0-3 to 4.0 SP1. This blog lists the 2 options customers have.

In this example we assume the customer is on 3.0 SP3 and upgrading to 4.0 SP1.

Option 1: Upgrade using a step UP method.  This means, from 3.0 SP3:

1)      First upgrade to 4.0 using the appropriate 4.0 AOU addon and AOU TP

2)      Then upgrade to 4.0 SP1 using the appropriate 4.0 SP1 AOU addon and AOU TP

Option 2: Fresh Install

1)      Install the 4.0 SP1 Fresh Installation Addon & Transport Pack (AOI)

What to do if you already have an issue?

If a you already tried upgrading from 3.0 SP3 directly to 4.0 SP1 using the 4.0 SP1 AOU addon you will encounter an error during the addon deployment and this will cause issues in SAINT. In order to resolve the situation you will need to raise an OSS Message for Nakisa Support.  The only way this situation can be resolved now is to follow these steps (in this order):

  1. Import the appropriate (for their ECC version) 4.0 SP1 AOI addon in the form of a transport à to be provided by Nakisa Support
  2. After completion, continue with their original AOU installation using SAINT
  3. Then Install the appropriate (for their ECC version) 4.0 SP1 AOI related configuration TP

When importing the Transports, please only select the option to “Leave Transport Request in Queue for Later Import”.

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      Author's profile photo Stephen Burr
      Stephen Burr


      Well done for getting this important information out there.

      It might be helpful to list the issues likely to be encountered ... for example, what type of errors you would see in the AddOn log? What is the incorrect behaviour of the HCM system that will occur?

      Are there plans to update the AddOn released on SMP to avoid this affecting other customers in the future?  Also is there (or will there be) an OSS note released with this information in XX-PART-NKS?


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Stephen,

      The system will be looking for objects delivered in the previous Delta upgrade(s) which will cause it to fail.Some statements will not be executed and give an error.

      An example of the error will be:

      CREATE DATA: The specified type "/NAKISA/HRP9821" is no valid data type.

      The addon on SMP is the correct one. However the problem is when a wrong addon is applied.

      In this example the 4.0 SP1 AOU upgrade addon was used to upgrade from 3.0 SP3 directly without moving one step at a time (Option 1).


      Author's profile photo Luke Marson
      Luke Marson

      Hi Walid,

      A good blog and important information - thanks for sharing. The ABAP Add-on guide contradicts what is written here slightly. It mentions that the AOU should be if you have a previous version of VSN installed and the AOI if no previous VSN versions are installed. I assume that your blog is correct, so will the documentation be updated to reflect this and will it be updated on SAP Service Marketplace?

      Best regards,


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Luke,

      The AOU can be used if you have a previous installation of Nakisa but you'll have to go one step at a time.

      However, this is a good point and we are updating the documentation to make sure it is clear.