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A Very Warm Welcome to our Fellow Developers from the Intel Ecosystem and from China!

As you know, we would like to bring SAP’s key platforms and technologies to developer communities out there and especially drive the message beyond our traditional customer and partner bases. This, in combination with the significantly growing number of developers in Asia and especially in China, led us to the decision to join more than 5000 of attendees and participate in Intel’s Developer Forum (IDF) Beijing 2013 on the 10th and 11th of April as a sponsor. – Actually, it was the first time ever that SAP sponsored any Intel event anywhere across the globe and we are very glad to have been there.

正如你所知道的,我们想將 SAP 的主要平台和技术帶入们传统的客户和合作伙伴之外的軟件开发者社区.中國軟件开发者的快速成長是不容忽視的事實因此我们决定来参加与会者超过5000人的英特尒信息技术鋒會 (Intel‘s Developer Forum (IDF) Beijing 2013) 实,这是第一次,SAP 赞助英特尔信息技术鋒會, 而我們很開心這是在北京。



Inside the impressive China National Convention Center (CNCC), Intel presented their latest innovations and product roadmaps, ran a multitude of technical sessions and provided plenty of opportunity to engage with their technical experts onsite.

令人印象深刻的中国国家会议中心 (CNCC) 里面,英特尔展示了他们的最新的创新和产品路线,众多的技术会议,并提供了大量的机会讓大家与他们的技术专家现场交流。


As SAP HANA was highlighted both in one of the Intel executive keynotes as well as several breakout sessions, we had avery good start into the event and a very solid interest in our key platforms – here particularly HANA as well as NetWeaver Gateway and the Mobile Platform –  which led to many great discussions with attendees dropping by at our booth.
Many of those were of course interested in learning about SAP HANA and its power and use cases itself and they were very pleased to hear (and see) that developers are not forgotten: via SAP’s Developer Center at, you have a central access point to the software, relevant information, tutorials, licenses etc. for many of the different platforms and technologies we offer.

由于英特信息技术鋒會的主題演講中特別提到 SAP HANA,而且也在之後的重點討論會中,特別強調了這項SAP 最新的技術, 们的活動非常的成功 有非常多的軟件开发者前來詢問有關學習 HANA, SAP NetWeaver Gateway, Mobile Platform 的訊息。因此,我們有了許多熱烈的讨論。在這些軟件開發師中對 SAP HANA 興趣特別高,他們很開心 SAP 沒有把他們遺忘,從 SAP’s Developer Center at,在這裡你有一個單一的資訊窗口,可以了解SAP所提供的最新技術和平台:軟件,相關資訊,教材,軟件證照,等等


During the actual event, Intel announced their expanded support for HTML5 with many showcases, special developer sessions, and expert talks. – If HTML5 is a topic of interest for you, you are invited to take a closer look at SAP’s approach to this technology and try our related UI development toolkit.

Another significant topic at the event was Big Data, of course, and you could see it everywhere in the convention center and on the exhibition floor; with Intel and SAP joining forces on breakthrough Big Data solutions, you do not want to miss to put your own hands on SAP HANA yourself with a free developer license and your own, cloud-based SAP HANA instance.

To learn more about software development on SAP HANA, you could also subscribe to the upcoming openSAP course on this topic starting on the 27th of May 2013.

If you are looking for an easy way to connect devices, environments, and platforms to SAP software in an open and easy way, we would like to encourage you to consider SAP NetWeaver Gateway, which supports the OData protocol, and if Microsoft SharePoint is your knowledge worker tool of choice, there is a solution readily available which is built directly on SAP NetWeaver Gateway: Duet Enterprise.

會議中英特尔宣布扩展支持 HTML5。許多的展示,会议和专家讲座都對這個主題特別著墨。 如果 HTML5 是您的議題,请您仔细看看这项技术,并看看 SAP 的做法以及相关的UI发工具

另一个重要话题在大會議中是大数据。這個專題无处不在。英特 SAP 联手突破性的大数据解决方案,你絕對不想错过 動手試用SAP HANA 這裡,我們提供了一个免费的开发许可证,和專屬你自己的云计算中心的 SAP HANA

要了解更多关于软件开发在SAP HANA上,你也可以订阅從2013527日开始的 openSAP course 课程。

如果你正在寻找一种简单的方法来连接设备,环境,開發平台和 SAP 软件,我们鼓励你考虑的 SAP NetWeaver Gateway,它支持 OData,如果微软的 SharePoint 是你们公司的首选工具,有一个现成的解决方案是直接建立在 SAP NetWeaver
Duet Enterprise.


Overall, we also learned a lot about the existing strong and growing developer communities in China, especially their rich Java experience and the focus on business-to-consumer apps as well as many other China-specific requirements; hopefully we could also provide the attendees with some valuable information and interesting insights about SAP and how we engage with individual developers.

We are very much looking forward to welcoming many new developers in our developer community; a very warm 久仰 to you and we hope that you will feel at home here, soon!

总体而言,我们也学到了很多寶貴的經驗:关于在中国现有,強大和不断增长的开軟體開發人员,尤其是其丰富的 Java 经验,专注于企业对消费者的应用程序,以及其他许多中国的特殊需求。希望我们也可以提供与会者有关 SAP 的一些有价值的信息和有趣的见解,以及我们如何和獨立軟體开发者交流。


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