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Author's profile photo David Clavey

Taking MOB310 SAP Agentry Work Manager

Last week I took the MOB310 course on SAP (Syclo) Agentry Work Manager and here is my feedback on the course

Training Link: Course MOB310 SAP Agentry Work Manager for SAP foundations

Firstly its got the wrong title name, this is really the Agentry enterprise interface into SAP which is explained using Work Manager as an example. But that title is not as snappy as “work manager”.

You need to have some exposure to SAP ABAP workbench and understand BAPI’s and BAPI wrapper classes before coming on the course, and an understanding of Java helps as well. Also a knowledge of Object orientated programming is needed as you need to understand what you are cutting and pasting, this is not a course for non-programmers.

My first surprise on the course was the amount of coding you need to do at the backend to get Syclo to interface. I am used to SUP which appears at first just to have a click, drop and drag interface with SAP. But I soon came to realise that whenever I had used SUP there was always a lot of BAPI wrapper work to do before it was safe to interface, whereas with Syclo a lot of the standard SAP code has already been interfaced into using the Enhancement framework. So the amount of coding was being caused by a robust interface strategy. The Syclo way here is definately better.

My second surprise on the course was the amount of Java coding needed to get Agentry server working. However many of these Java classes are very simular in structure with simply the field names being changed from object to object. I could not help thinking that these could easily have been auto created as they are in SUP. Maybe I will be plesently surprised when SMP 3.0 comes out, here’s hoping. I made two mistakes in my Java programming and the problems were fairly easy to debug and fix, so I think this interface works.

The Syclo Administration portal was explained well in the course, this does two jobs, the first is to stitch SAP and the Agentry server together and the second is to provide soft coding of the filter parameters. Excellent. This is a tool sadly missing from its SUP cousin.

I recommend this course to all Mobile consultants, not only to those who use Agentry but also to SUP guys using the SAP interface to see how an interface should be coded.

I learned a lot 🙂

See also Blog: taking-mob300-sap-agentry-essentials

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      Author's profile photo Jitendra Kansal
      Jitendra Kansal

      this is a total surprise. anyways thanks for sharing the information. 🙂

      Author's profile photo Syam Babu
      Syam Babu


      Really intersting about Syclo Agentry......Thanks for sharing the info.



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi David,

      Thanks for the feedback - both for MOB300 & MOB310.  As you may be aware, two of our team members attended MOB300 as well (MOB310 is yet to run in Bangalore).  One of the feedback I received was (as you correctly pointed out) that the SAP - Syclo interface was missing in MOB300.  I was wondering whether that really merits another course (at the same price) altogether?  Could not this have been included in MOB300 (maybe extending the schedule a bit)?


      Author's profile photo David Clavey
      David Clavey
      Blog Post Author

      No MOB310 is huge in content, takes all the five days.

      Author's profile photo Vivaldo Ferreira
      Vivaldo Ferreira

      Hi David,

      Another great blog. I think your comments are incredibly valuable to the mobility community preparing for Syclo development. SAP Education has added two pre-requisite courses between MOB300 and MOB310, precisely to fill any skill gap regarding

      SAP ABAP workbench (BC400) and understanding of BAPI's and BAPI wrapper classes (BC401). The mobility community can view the learning path which ultimately leads to an associate level certification at:

      Thank you as well for re-iterating that MOB300 and MOB310 are two necessary and full classes. Our goal at SAP Education will always be to build training programs that are competency based training. Therefore, we are very careful to design our courses that prepare our SAP community for real projects.

      Again, thank you for your reviews of both MOB300 and MOB310. SAP Education is always delighted to hear about positive experiences like yours - and I am sure it is shared by others as well.

      Best to you and the community!


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      I just finished the MOB310 and just want to add my feedback.

      MOB310 gives you a good overview on how Syclo interfaces with SAP. But... what i really missed were some essential indepth details like: which parameters (like SAP_OBJECT and BAPI_WRAPPER) are there and what do they do exactly? Or: which parameters are required when you want to create for instance a transaction?

      I have been granted acces to resources at Scylo and perhaps i will find more technical reference guides over there.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      David, thanks for sharing the post.

      What is the best "fresher" to get trained into Agentry / Agentry-SAP skills?

      One with good ABAP Background and make him/her learn Java prior to join the course? or;

      One with good Java background learning ABAP prior to join the course?

      thanks, Luiz