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Send Package detail to SAP GTS

Package information is required Data element on a Custom invoice for Custom Declaration  Package information is derived from the Delivery which has detail about Packed quantity per handling unit . This require  some steps of configuration to be done in GTS before it can be sent from R/3/ ECC system to GTS through a Billing Document.

I. Define Custom Code List:

Customs code lists are allowable values that can be used in the customs shipment document

and electronic declaration.

Three steps for custom code declaration under SAP Customs Management

1.Define Procedure for Custom code list .

2.Assign custom code list procedure to legal regulation .

3.Maintain code list for Legal Regulation.


II. Define Custom Code List Procedure:

Custom code list procedure is defined for grouping of code type that can be maintained for a specific country scenario.

e,g CUSUS Procedure is defined


III. Assign Code list object and Procedure to  Legal Regulation:

Custom code list object  is assigned to legal regulation which implement the country specific scenario. Here Package type PGETY Custom code under CUSUS  Procedure object has been assigned to CUSUS Legal Regulation  for the purpose of package information to be sent to GTS


IV. Maintaining Code list for Legal Regulation:

Here we   add values to Custom code list which are allowed by custom agency. Here we can add the value for package type


Different Package type can be maintained here as required, here you see BCB , BCE & BD are maintained


V.Assign Packaging Material Type from Feeder system  to GTS Package type:

Here we assign the package material type from feeder system to Package type of GTS.

In ECC/R/3

The packaging material type is Customizing to a material group for packaging materials, which we assign to a material in the material master. As we assemble the handling unit, we call up a list of packaging materials that are allowed for an item that we want to pack. This system puts together this list by matching the material group for packaging materials for that item with the appropriate packaging material types



Transaction  data Detail

Here is an example of the  Package data on Delivery Document :


The above package detail get pushed to GTS when Billing doc is being sent to GTS for the Custom Shipment declaration document .

RFC call of Billing doc detail showing the Package data.

Header Detail


Item Detail


With the Required configuration done, Package Detail appearing on Custom Shipment Declaration (CULOEX)Document in GTS:

Header Level


Item Level


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  • Thank you Sameer this is very useful.

    Do you know if we can get information on the dimensions into GTS?  What about manually updating them in GTS is this an option?

    We want to print the packaging list out of GTS but have a requirement to include the dimensions in the output.

  • Dear Sameer ,

    This is very Good document but small doubt please let me know ,Even it is standard configuration to map but why you maintained ABAP debug concept you shared.

    Thanks a lot