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Dynamic actions I

This document provides information about working with SAP Dynamic Actions

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“Dynamic actions”) are executed automatically by SAP R / 3 for the treatment of an infotype. T588Z table is a set of records to store information related to dynamic measurements. The module pool MPNNNN00 of all infotypes includes MPPERS00 program. This program contains routines to call dynamic actions. Each time you press the button save in maintaining an infotype on the screen (PA30), the event PAI (process after input) run these routines.

Maintaining dynamic measurements can be done through V_T588Z view, as shown in Figure 1. (IMG menu path Personnel Management>Global Settings in Personnel Management>Basic Settings>Infotypes>Create Dynamic Actions).


Figure 1 Dynamic actions Maintenance

A dynamic measure has the following components:

Infotype Number (INFTY): Specifies the infotype that triggers (trigger) action.

Subtype (SUBTY): Specifies the previous infotype subtype.

Field Name Field Name (FIELDN) action is triggered when modifies the value of this field.

Functional character of the action (FC): Controls on what kinds of treatment (create, modify and / or delete a data record) must make a move
dynamically. The kind of treatment is marked by a two-digit numeric value. these values ​​can be accumulated, that is, may indicate various kinds of treatment
by infotype, subtype or field. A dynamic measure may be executed regardless of the kind of concurrent treatment.

00 for currently executing function independent
02 to modify
04 to create
06 to modify and create
08 to delete
10 for modify and delete
12 to create and delete

If you enter the value 06, will run an action if it is created or modified the specified infotype.
If you enter the value 00, will run regardless of whether an action is created, modified or deleted the specified infotype.

Sequential number (NO) is a sequential number.

Indicator for action (A):

Possible values:

P Verification of conditions
I – Updating an infotype record
W – Proposed values ​​to create a new record
V – Reference to another action
F – call a routine
M Sending a mail

Other entries in this field mean comment line.


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  • I am struggling to get the dynamic action to trigger when any field value changes.  Most recently, I want a IT0378 to create when then 2nd program grouping changes on IT171,

    I've probably tried 20 different attempts using 00, 04, 06 along with the comparison of the



    BSTAT in "field" I INS,0378,MSC,,(P0171-BEGDA),(P0171-ENDDA)

    nothing works for me.

    I even tryed to configure for 0171 to create only if P0001-WERKS or P0001-ANSCVH change but instead it triggers every time - no matter if the values change or not.

    00 P P0001-WERKS<>PSAVE-WERKS /X


    00 I  INS,0171,,,(P0001-BEGDA),(P0001-ENDDA)

    There is so much standard delivered logic out there with these codes very similar, I expect it to work but no.  Would someone please reply with the code that would work?