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Dinamic Actions II

This document is the second part of the following document

Dynamic actions I

Variable part of the function: The content of the functional variable has different meanings depending on the action indicator:

P plausibility checks

Here can be preset values ​​for certain fields of the infotype. It should be noted then the full name of the field. Comparison values ​​can be literal, constant values ​​must be enclosed in single quotes and can be variable. The previous value of a field can be extracted for comparison, the field name must precede the prefix PSAVE.
If compared to the other fields are extracted infotypes, they must be arranged in the current infotype modulpool.

As comparison operators are supported:

= equal to,
< less than,
<= less than or equal to
> greater,
> = greater than or equal to y
<> divergent.

Subsequent checks are usually related logical AND. Instead, the links connected by logical OR also be identified by / X.

Note: Please note that all checks that are linked to or have plus / X.
If the result of the comparison is not “true, the following commands are ignored (I, F, W etc..) Until it reaches a new field or new comparisons are made.

Infotype Field ….. Ind. variable part of the function

0000 STAT3 P P0000STAT3 = ‘0
0000 STAT3 PSTAT3 PSAVE = ‘1

Action is executed if the value of the field P0000STAT3 is modified 1  to 0.

0013 P P0013KVKZ1 <> ‘0 ‘/ X
0013 P P0013AVKZ1 <> ‘0 ‘/ X
0013 P P0013RVKZ1 <> ‘0 ‘/ X
0013 P P0013RVNUM = SPACE

The first three conditions are linked by O, ie, must be met at least one of the three conditions, the fourth condition must necessarily be met.
The action will occur, therefore, when worth following:
P0013KVKZ1 other than 0 or P0013AVKZ1 different than 0 or P0013RVKZ1 different than 0 and P0013RVNUM empty.

I – Updating an infotype record

Action are indicated infotype, subtype, object ID, start and end of validity of infotype record to select and a flag that controls whether the action is to be performed in the background. The possible actions are INS, COP, MOD and DEL.
The selection criteria are separated with commas. The point is then used as the separator character in matchcode input, ie a missing entry is added to the respective coma.

The indicator for the suppression of dialogue is separated from other entries by a bar D (/ D).
Constant, for example, to the subtype, there are included simple commas.

Tickets can also be made variable. Field carrying such content be indicated value brackets.

Infotype Field ….. Variable function Ind.Parte

…. I INS, 19.01 / D

Action: Creating a record of time, subtype 01 no display processing (in the background).

…. I DEL, 14, M559

Action: Deleting an recurring payment and deductions with subtype M559.

0007 …. I INS,8,,,(P0007-BEGDA),(P0007-ENDDA)

Action: Create a basic pay infotype (0008), no subtype and object ID. Start and end date of the infotype is the theoretical work schedule (0007), indicate the two fields is appropriate only if data has been entered in these fields because the same infotype launches dynamic measurement (as here).

W – Proposed values ​​for the new record.

Proposed literal or variables.
Note that infotype, subtype, object ID, start and end of validity eventually be proposed by the I and not by the action W.
In general, it is convenient if you put Q of an infotype fields because the values ​​of these fields are derived from the corresponding fields P.

Infotype Subtype ….. Code-F Ind.Parte varying function

0021   2          04      I  INS, 0015, M430
0021   2           04     W P0015BETRG = ‘10000

When creating a family infotype (0021) subtype 2 (child) will make an additional payment (0015) whose amount is 100.00 pre-allocation.

V – Reference to another action
You can group fields. The function of the variable contains the field that follows the column “field”. The shares, which in the following lines are shown only to the next field, are released for each of the fields.


Infotype Field ….. Code-F Ind.Parte varying function


0016 PRBZT 06 I DEL,0019,01/D

Infotype 19, subtype 01 is cleared in the background” to change or add (function code 06) or PRBZH PRBZT field of infotype 001.
Equivalent would be:

0016 PRBZH 06 I DEL,0019,01/D

0016 PRBZT 06 I DEL,0019,01/D


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    Your post was very usefull to me.

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