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Where are the Customer Stories for BW and HANA? ASUG Annual Conference


Last year at ASUG Annual Conference I saw a tweet from Witalij Rudnicki asking where the customer sessions were for Hana.  This year following the mantra “prior planning prevents poor performance” I am including some of them below, including the BW sessions.  Note the sessions below are the ones lead by customers.  There are several more ASUG sessions where SAP is leading or they are in different tracks. 

This one was extracted from the BW/Hana track at

Subject to change of course:

# Title Date
1203 Case Study: How First Solar Achieved Real-Time Analysis of Supplier and Delivery Performance Metrics Using SAP HANA Enterprise Solution. 14/05/2013
4005 Empresas Polar’s BW transition to SAP HANA Database Platform Safeguarded by SAP AGS 15/05/2013
4007 John Deere Co-Innovates with SAP to Become The First Customer Running ERP on SAP HANA 15/05/2013
4207 Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) Influence Council 15/05/2013
508 Verizon: Experiences of a Complex SAP HANA Implementation with SAP Business Intelligence Tools 15/05/2013
509 FOSSIL BW 7.0 Upgrade to BW 7.3: Success Story and Lessons Learnt for Customers Looking to Upgrade 15/05/2013
4009 The Schwan Food Company Develops a Roadmap to Employ Data Warehousing on Enterprise HANA 15/05/2013
410 Transform Decision Making with Rapid Information Access 16/05/2013
512 Evolution Not Revolution of SAP HANA Acceleration at Lockheed Martin 16/05/2013
313 Predictive/Text Analytics Using SAP HANA 16/05/2013
413 Mobility Reporting Using SAP HANA ? Learn How TAMKO Implemented Sales Reporting Using SAP Mobile BI, Explorer, and SAP HANA 16/05/2013
4013 PETROBRAS: Strategies and Best Practices for Migrating SAP Business Warehouse to SAP HANA 16/05/2013
4114 Deploy Rapid Deployment Solutions (RDS) Models in SAP HANA Studio for Operational Reporting 16/05/2013

So hopefully you will consider the above sessions and add them to your agenda for ASUG Annual Conference to help you plan the future at your company.  I’ve seen many of the slides and they are very comprehensive and kudos to the above customers for sharing their story.  The above sessions were selected by ASUG volunteers who work on this conference, and represents customer-driven education. 

Follow the hashtag #ASUG2013.  Will you add these sessions to your agenda?

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