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SAP BW – Restarting a Failed Process Chain


This document describes about restarting a failed process chain from next step. Sometime it is necessary to restart process chain from next step because either we fixed failed step manually or previous step is not relevant for next step processing. It will help to save time and avoid manually running each step.


SAP BW system


We need to set the failed step or request to green in the database level and raise the event that will force the process chain to run from the failed step to the next step.

Therefore we need to open the messages of a failed step by right clicking on it and selecting ‘display messages’.


In the opened popup click on the tab ‘Chain’.


In a parallel session go to transaction SE16 and open the table rspcprocesslog.


Provide below entries and execute it to get log id and process type.

1.     Variant

2.     Instance



Open another session and go to transaction SE37.

Enter RSPC_PROCESS_FINISH as the name of the function module and run the function module in test mode.


We will copy the entries of table rspcprocesslog to the input parameters of the function module like described as follows:

  1. rspcprocesslog-log_id -> i_logid
  2. rspcprocesslog-type -> i_type
  3. rspcprocesslog-variant -> i_variant
  4. rspcprocesslog-instance -> i_instance
  5. Enter ‘G’ for parameter i_state (sets the status to green).

Execute function module with execute button or press F8.


It will set the actual process to green and the following process in the chain will be started.

Other useful tips:

  • Sometime a particular step in a process chain has status as yellow since log and process monitor/job log entries are not available.  In such case we will go to the messages of yellow step by right clicking on it and selecting ‘display messages’. In the opened popup click on the tab ‘Chain’. If Instance is blank under this tab it means process is not triggered. So instead of waiting for long better to cancel the job manually and restart it.


  • Sometime even status in process chain monitor indicates that process got finished (status green), next node is not getting started. In such case check in RSPCPROCESSLOG table using variant and instance. Usually In such scenario among 2 states field (STATE and ACTUAL_STATE) one is updated with status G and another is blank. Here also use the steps as describe above by using function module RSPC_PROCESS_FINISH to make overall status green. It will start process chain from next node.


Hope it will help in process chain job monitoring and fixing.

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