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SAP Business One 9 License Behaviour

In SAP previous version you can use same user for concurrent login , but from SAP version 9 it has been restricted due to the license abuse prevetion for more information check the following note….

SAP Note 1815509 – “License Abuse Prevention” mechanism in SAP Business One 9.0.

1810895 – License error: Your session has been locked because another session was started using the same user ID

Hope helpful 🙂

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  • Check with these Notes

    1810895 - License error: Your session has been locked because another session was started using the same user ID

    1815509 - New enhancement "License Abuse Prevention" in SAP Business One 9.0

    The Main Idea is share with you all as we use the concurrent user with different machines with different end user which is not possible in the SAP B1 9..



  • Hi

    Thanks for 9.0 License information.

    even in 8.82 two users can log- in at a time but in 9.0 not possible.

    may be due to security purpose SAP changed this but it is now more secure because it's a matter of data security and authorization.


  • Dear friends,

    Can I ask you the question, It clearly describes that we could not able to use concurrency that the same user id cannot use with difference machines, my understanding is right? because we have an idea to upgrade SAP Business One 9.0

    Thanks and warm regards,

    Manivannan M

  • Thanks Ken.

    The license behaviour probably changed by SAP due to the deadlock issue that always happened in the old version.

    The new license behavior is really useful for the performance of SAP B1 system

    but the customer can't use one user code for two different work station in the same time.



  • Dear all,

    we have an issue:

    Windows user A connect via terminal server and login into SAP B1 Company X1 with user M1

    Windows user B connect from another workstation (not via terminal server, but via classical PC client connection) and login into SAP B1 Company Y3 with user M1

    So, the SAP user are the same but on different companies and from different workstation, and also with different connectionmethod.

    In this case, the when Windows user B login into SAP, the Windows user A receive the mesage:

    Your session has been locked because another session was started  using the same user ID. To continue, exit or lock the other session


    Best regards


    • Hi Emmanuele,

      i've just noticed this threat hence the late reply.

      the answer is pretty simple why the message shows: concurrnt usage is not allowed. Each employee must have it''s own named user license. From the description you post you clearly indicate a breach in the license terms.

      You should ensure that sufficient licenses are purchased.