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My First Impressions of the New SCN Gamification

Starting today, SCN has been loaded with some new gamification features. If this is the first time you have heard about the changes, I recommend looking at Chip Rodgers’ blog Game On!  #Gamification Coming to #SCN (SAP Community Network) which covers all of the new gamified features that have been included. You can learn more about the team that worked hard to get these new features implemented at The gamification is enabled using bunchball’s nitro platform.

If this whole gamification thing is new to you and you missed the 2011 SAP techEd keynote with Jane McGonigal, I recommend you check out Jane’s TED talk about how Gaming can make a better world. I also recommend reading How Gamification of the Enterprise can kill the Dilbert-Comics, which focuses on how gamification can make changes in the enterprise application space. Though gamification may not be widely used in enterprise apps just yet, they have been around in the online collaboration space as long as I can remember. I do not think I have ever seen a forum that did not at least give points and rankings for the number of posts people have. If you are still not sold on the whole gamification thing, you can always ignore it!

Just as points have been on forums for many years, a point system has also existed on SCN, it is just having some changes now. The first change that I noticed and really like is that your points will no longer expire after 12 months. I think this is great! Partly because I had some points that expired and adding that in brought me up to a silver from a bronze. Woo-hoo! Of course the benefit of having points expire is that it encourages members to keep contributing in order to keep their status. I think not expiring is good because people shouldn’t be punished because they are not active for a while, which could be a result of working on a very time consuming project. There are also some improvements to the waypoints are assigned in the wikis explained in SCN Wiki points allocation changes .

Missions are a new feature that allow you to earn points and badges for completing a task. All of the missions that involving adding content require you to read the SAP Community Network Rules of Engagement as the first step to adding content. Much like the itunes agreement, I’m sure many people have never read this before and I would bet the mission requirement will help with that. Unlike the itunes agreement, it was clear and concise! I really like how you can click the gear in the lower right hand corner (pictured below) and see the specific requirements to complete the mission.


Something I would like to see is some missions or points around code exchange. Some reward for contributing to a project or having so many people download a project that you started. I also think that a badge would be a great place to show off and verify any SAP certifications.

To the SCN team: Good job! Congrats on going live!

Do you have a favorite feature of the new gamification system? Post it below!

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  • Thanks for adding your thoughts to the launch of SCN gamification Brian!  (And on a Sunday no less.  :-))  Yes you're right about the change to lifetime points and see the blog I just published for some background on that as well.

    Hope you continue to enjoy it and I look forward to hearing more as you get to spend more time with SCN gamification!


  • I agree, the new system looks promising.

    Of course points are just a game and not important, but they do help motivate one to put the time into communicating on SCN, and it's good that points now no longer expire after 12 months. Congrats also to SCN team - looks promising

    • I disagree--points DO matter! They give us a quick way to guage a poster's level of involvement in the community. This information might be used to tailor a response, or to decide how much creedence to place in a response.

      Just my 2 cents.


  • Hi Brian,

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this, I agree with you the team have done a great job.

    I also like what you say about points not expiring any longer - however I wonder if there will be a badge or something that shows recent/on-going activity to replace the "expiring points" - since before it was possible due to the expiration of points to see how active someone was recently (within the last 12 months).

    I would also like to see if it is possible to be notified when you complete a mission or earn a badge. The system of course records it and you can see it in your reputation tab, but it might be nice for it to bubble to the top a bit more... just a thought.

    Thanks again for sharing your take and for all those great links!


  • Hi Brian,

    Thanks for giving us your first impressions - I was really surprised (pleasantly) to see that my points have returned.  Of course, now I should probably go read the Rules of Engagement (although I am betting I already have).

    I really hope that this engages the community - in particular, but not to just post stuff in order to get points. 


  • Hi Brian,

    Thanks for your impressions. As I said, I've been a skeptical of gamification, but as I newly converted I'm quite impressed with the work done by this team! Also I agree with Simon on the "expiring points" issue. So far it's the only thing I didn't like, against hundreds (ok, maybe not hundreds, but many) that I did.



  • Hello,

    At the risk of moaning and complaining when the slightest thing changes, I am going to anyway - on the "reputation" tab on the user profile it used to be a list something like:-


    5 Points - someone rated your blog "how to do such and such"

    2 Points - someone liked your coment on the blog "something else"

    Now it says

    "Paul Hardy - completed - someone liked your comment

    2 Points

    2 Hours Ago

    - in ABAP Development"

    I would say this takes up four or five times more space, whilst at the same time managing to convey less information than before, and it is not even very grammatically correct. I'm not sure people are interested in the exact second something happened, though that's how Facebook does things, so they might be.

    I'm also not sure most people need to be reminded of their name repeatedly, as even if they did forget their own name it's at the top of the screen in big letters.

    I used to like it saying what it was people were liking or commenting on with a good old hyperlink to take you there.

    Leaving that aside, I think this is a very good initiative.

    Cheersy Cheers


    • I too miss the ability to follow a link to see what comment or document was liked or rated. That seemed to be an effective method of positive feedback for specific contributions. Now there is only a link to the community in which the contribution was posted, which isn't quite as informative (or satisfying).

      I do think the new gamification has promise to generate new interest in contributing to SCN, and it's great that some of the missions require you to read proper community behavior on SCN and how to search. 😉


  • Really great thinking to make yourself engage more time in SCN.

    Understanding your current mission and achieve the new one really make it simple by a click away.

    I am waiting for my next Mission and earning as much batches as I can.

    Thanks a lot for such a nice strategy.