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Interacting with Mobile BI Tabstrip Application – Still No Programming Needed

In this example I built a simple application with tab strips.  Now users would want to interact with it and perhaps not see all the projects associated listed.

I continue with the “no programming” mantra.  First I drag the dimension filter over to the canvas as shown below:


Next I bind the data source and dimension – in this case, dimension is the project info object.


See the view on screen through the browser:


After selecting a few, now see the results of each tab strip:


The above is the first tab, showing the two selected projects on the column chart.


The above shows the two selected tabs on the bar chart.

How does it show up on the iPad?  I scan it with the QR code, and then show it below:


The above shows I’m selecting 3 projects.


Above shows how it looks on the iPad – I should change the theme to a mobile theme but for now I left it at default.


The above shows the second tab.

Still no programming required and it is an interactive application on the iPad.

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