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Business data in sales document header and item level consistant

Table: VBKD Sales Document: Business Data

When change business date in sales document sometime we will meet pop up message: V1 403: The header business data does not apply to item xxxx,

VOV7 define item category, check box “business item”,

1.If it is blank, business data fields (table VBKD) in item level will become unchangable, you only can change business data in header level and item level will be changed at same time, so header data and item data will be same whatever.

2.If it is ticked, then you can change business data in both sales document header level and item level.

(we use VBKD-VSART Shipping Type as example)

when you change shipping type in header level, system will check both header and item shipping type before you change shipping type in header level,

2.1 if shipping type in item level is same as header level, item value will be changed also.
2.2 if shipping type in item level is different with header level, you will get message V1 403, and item value will not be changed.



KVBKD-VSART: the header level value which you want to changed into.
*KVBKD-VSART: original header level shipping type value.
VBKD-VSART: original item level shipping type value.

With best regards

Liu jian

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  • Kent,

    May I ask you – to which section of the audience have you written this blog?

    (in other words, is this blog for functional or technical professionals)

    Field “Business Items”, VOV7, SAP F1 help:

    Business data allowed at item level?

    Indicates whether, during sales order processing, the business data that you enter for an item is allowed to differ from the business data in the header.

    The main functionality of this field is to allow (or to not allow) information at item level to be different from header level, in a sales document.

    If this field is activated in VOV7,

    and in sales order, the user gives a different value at item level than given at the header level; then system shall not change the value that has been given by the user at item level.

    This is the main point of this field.

    Also providing examples of business scenarios where fields are different at header and item level, would add value to your blog.

    (e.g. Payment terms at header are different from payment terms at item level, with the business requirement etc.)

    • Dear TW,

      Good question! I did not think about the audience issue before write this article, I think your instruction is very helpful for my future posting.

      Thanks with best regards

      Liu jian

  • Dear,

    Actually ,you have taken One Field to make/describe this doc .It would have been better if you take more Fields of Item Category to made this .Some of the SAP F1 can sufficient to understand the Field Purpose .

    Note : All the best from my side to make a good blogs / Documents for all users .