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Accessing Managed Systems Metadata (ABAP Data Dictionary Objects) in DSM BRFplus Application

Decision Service Management (DSM) System is Centralized rules modeling and administrative Tool. Various management systems (i.e ECC, SRM, CRM …etc) systems can be connected to the DSM system where rules can be modeled and deployed back to managed systems. The DSM system provides great advantage to maintain rules centrally and run them locally into the individual managed systems. When the rules modeled centrally, all managed systems metadata need to be available in the central (DSM) system. It is a prerequisite to assign a BRFplus application to managed system to make managed system metadata accessible from DSM system. The objective of this blog is to explain process of accessing the managed system metadata (ABAP Data Dictionary objects) in the DSM BRFPlus Application.


Assigning BRFplus Application to Managed System. 

  1. In the Decision Service Manager, select managed system.

        Once the managed system is selected then system displays Deployment, Applications and

        Technical information tabs under lower level of the screen. 

   2. Go to the Application Tab and Choose Edit button on the top of the screen.

   3. On the Application tab, choose Add to existing application or Choose New to create new application to associate

       with the managed systems.

   4. Once you assign the application, click the Save button on top toolbar.


   5. Execute the BRF+ transaction in DSM to launch the BRF+ workbench and open the application which was assigned

       in the Step4. TheDSM_Image5.jpgicon denotes the managed system connectivity, also displays the assigned managed

       system information. 


   6. Now, the managed system metadata (ABAP data dictionary objects) can be able to access from the

       DSM BRF+ workbench.


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