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How to SetFilter with Analysis Office Macros

For your end users, you may want to set up filters so they do not need to use the Design Panel in Analysis Office.

I’ve already inserted a query in Analysis Office, and created a second sheet named “settings”


I set up the data as shown above, and set up the Index formula to track where the combo box is on the selection tab.


On the first sheet with the query I select the combo box from the Developer ribbon.


Using the context menu I select Format Control as shown above.


Using the context menu I select Assign Macro and copy in the code from above.  I will filter on Info Object project.


The above shows it in action, with the combo box filtering on the Maintenance project.

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  • thanks, this was very helpfull,

    i have allthough an other question,

    how would this work with multiple data providers, i tried adding one, but then it does not work any more, so far i was only able to make it work by copying the vba code to a second line and change the datasource to the secont one.





    • Hi Alfred - thank you for reading and commenting

      I'm not a VBA expert; would you please create this as a question at ?