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Speeding ROI from Your GRC Implementation

Governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) management can be time consuming and unwieldy. Most companies address GRC only when forced – when regulations change or the organization is caught doing the wrong thing. Considering the sheer volume of corporate information, regulations, policies, controls, and stakeholders involved in even the most basic GRC initiatives, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by everything from tactical problems to strategic intent.

But there is hope – thoughtful planning can help you realize the benefits of GRC much more quickly. Whether you’re looking to benefit from new innovations or reacting to a regulatory mandate, GRC projects can be efficient, cost-effective implementations that deliver almost immediate value to the organization.

Rapid Deployment Solutions for Quick ROI

SAP rapid deployment solutions are designed to support timely implementations and ROI. Our multiple GRC applications can help you implement the latest technology – or play catch-up; either way, reliable budgeting and fixed timeframes ensure fast time to value.

§  Technology innovation. Use a rapid deployment solution to get up and running with the latest GRC innovations – for example, fraud management. Working closely with application developers, expert SAP Analytics Services consultants can help you understand how each application meets particular needs. For example, SAP Global Trade Services Rapid Deployment Solution for China can serve as a first step toward implementing a full trading solution for China. It gives you cost-effective master data setup, process integration, best practices, and accelerated knowledge transfer.

§  Traditional application migration. A rapid deployment solution can also help familiarize your team with a solution before a full rollout or migration, while getting immediate value from the latest release. For example, you might use the SAP Access Control Rapid Deployment Solution to quickly run basic reports or risk analyses, followed by more comprehensive or complicated analysis as needed.

Where to Begin?

Feeling a bit overwhelmed? SAP Analytics Services innovation labs and advisory services can help you identify high-priority projects, make the most of the latest technology, and chart a customized roadmap to sustained compliance improvement and lower risk.

SAP Business Analytics Services Innovations Workshop. At the SAP Business Analytics Services Innovation Workshop, design thinking – a methodology for practical, creative issue resolution – is at the heart of our innovation. We brainstorm with customers to discover how they can make GRC innovation a reality using cost-effective prototyping of innovative new SAP technologies – including mobile apps, predictive analytics, intelligent data, integrated planning, and more.

SAP Strategic Advisory Services for Analytics To stay compliant in today’s regulatory environment, organizations need a comprehensive GRC strategy that supports timely decisions, helps identify new ways to strengthen control and prevent fraud, and maximizes revenue. SAP Strategic Advisory Services for Analytics can help prioritize and manage governance and compliance enablement, keeping the business productive while radically reducing risk. Our modular approach supports quick wins while building a foundation for long-term GRC success, identifying areas of opportunity, and minimizing deployment risks and costs.

Get Value Now

Let’s look at examples of how SAP Services can speed time to value for GRC implementations.

Fraud management. Need to keep tabs on expense reporting, purchasing contracts, or insurance claims? You know what data you need to monitor, but you may need help pulling it all together to detect, investigate, and analyze correlations that signal fraud. That’s where SAP Analytics Services can help. We use the SAP HANA platform to execute real-time fraud analysis – recognizing patterns, speeding execution, and helping you dive deeper into the results. Our experienced consultants then combine business-specific rules with advanced predictive methods to determine thresholds, identify patterns as they develop, and catch fraud before it escalates into a much larger – and more costly – problem.

Mobile risk management. Internally, SAP introduced mobile risk reporting in 2012, aggregating risks and trends to create an up-to-date global view. The result: Executives have the information they need to discuss, collaborate on, and make risk-based decisions, no matter where they are.

For example, a top SAP executive about to meet with the general manager of SAP Mexico might use her iPad to pull up the latest regional risk management report – entering the discussion with full knowledge of risks and opportunities specific to the region. Another executive calls his mobile risk application his “mission control center” – an essential tool that gives him real-time automated reporting on personnel, payments, recent purchases, and customer problems and interactions. Similarly, SAP Analytics Services can help you implement best practices for risk management, including real-time mobile access to a single point of truth for risk assessments, maximum transparency, and support for immediate risk evaluation and course correction.

Learn More

SAP Analytics Services can give you the tools and expert guidance you need to effectively manage governance, risk, and compliance. Join our Sapphire microforum discussion to learn about achieving timely ROI on GRC solutions. Or for more information on how Analytics Services from SAP can help unlock the value of governance and compliance while lowering risk and exposure, visit us online.

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