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Service Management – Default Values for Task List Data and Profile Assignments

Finally, something that actually really is useful (at least it has been in the past).  ha ha ha.  I’m going to explain how you set the default for the task lists.  Let’s get to it…


As always, here’s the configuration path.


The next screen allows you to have settings specific to an order type/plant, or you can use the defaults of ****/****  I’ve highlighted my custom order type to show you an example


Ok, now to the different fields, the first one, nice and easy, the profile description.  duh!

Next up is where you start going down the path of several different profiles.

External Profile:  This profile will hold the values for external procurement (this would be an external operation)

Mat. Profile: This is the profile for external materials (anything that will generate a purchase req directly from the SM order because no part exists in the system, for example)

Maint Profile: This is the profile we talked about in the last lesson.

Act./Op. UoM: this is simply a default unit of measure.  Typically this would be H or HR for hours, or some other measure of time.

Finally, there is a group of check boxes:

OperSelection:  If you select this you have the ability to select the specific operations before they are inserted into the order.  this is useful if you have a “master” task list with a lot of potential operations.  You can pick and choose the ones you want.

WrkCntrSelect: Allows you to select operation based purely on the workcenter.

Renumber: This will NOT copy the operation numbers from the task list.  This is useful if you plan to insert multiple tasks lists and you want to have one task list follow the next, despite what operations they have.

Incl.once.comp.: Transfer the task list completely (unless you click the OperSelection above), and forces that you can only enter a task list one time into an order.

Oper. Sorting:  This maintains the orginal sorting from your task list.

These check boxes can be very useful, but be careful how you use them.  Combinations of these might have different results than you expected.  Short story, if you see weird behavior when copying your task lists into the service order, I recommend checking out your check boxes here 🙂

If you’re interested in great tips and tricks on SAP service management, variant configuration or ABAP Development, check out my blog at:

There is also a link to some SAP Easy Buttons =)

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