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Hi to everybody,

I’m really happy to have the possibility to introduce the first one SAP Code Jam in Italy in my fantastic city, Rome, together with my company Technis Blu and thanks to Rui Nogueira . My dream is getting real!


As Rui Nogueira wrote in Ciao Roma! Join the SAP CodeJam around SAP HANA Cloud on June 12th, the SAP Code Jam is about the SAP HANA Cloud platform. The scope of this event is to get to know the new SAP HANA Cloud platform and to try out the functionality that it provides especially for the technicians like us . My company Technis Blu and me, wait for a great affluence and we think that learning about new SAP frontiers will allow us to offer innovative solutions to our customers and to experiment with new technologies.


This event will be a great challenge and will be a way to be together again and then I’m very curious to see what Rui Nogueira will show us.

In addition, together with my colleague Alessandro Spadoni, we are preparing a little technical final surprise.

Don’t miss this event!

You will find the information about registration on Rui Nogueira’s blog Ciao Roma! Join the SAP CodeJam around SAP HANA Cloud on June 12th and you can contact me regarding logistics.

See you soon!


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  • Great initiative Patrizia!

    The title reminds me of my Latin classes at school. Loved those.

    And I think you've chosen a suitable venue, though I'm not sure about the wifi in the Colosseum 🙂 .

    Have fun at SAP Codejam Rome!!

    Cheers, Fred

  • Thanks for the nice blog post Patrizia. I really like the Latin title 🙂

    Also looking forward to the event in Rome. Will give people a quick intro into the SAP HANA Cloud Platform and after that doing hands-on coding with all the participants.

    Given that we'll be in Rome I really count on Patrizia to tell me where to go after the event to get a marvelous Tiramisu 🙂