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Creating Indexes for Master data objects on F4 Help in Reporting:

Creating Indexes  for Master data objects on F4 Help in Reporting:

Here I will explain step by step process to create Indexes for a Master Data Object, means creating Indexes for F4 Help which will be used in the Report Variable Selection.


In SAP BW 7.3 version, we have the option to create Indexes for Info Object variable screen F4 help.

We create/build Indexes for an Info Object for serving the F4 help in the Report variable Screen. Without building the Indexes, if we try to use F4 help in the Report Variable Screen, it will take much time to give the result due to huge data. Usually master data volume would be huge.

When we create Indexes for F4 help, we can get the result faster in the report Variable screen.

Here is the step by step procedure, how to build the F4 help for the master data Objects in the Report:


Go to RSA1, find the object you need to fill the F4 Index help.  Here we are taking 0MATERIAL for building the F4 Indexes.

0MATERIAL -> Right click, select “Maintain BW Accelerator Index” , It will you take you to BWA maintenance window..



In the “BWA maintenance window”, you will be able to fine 4 Options as “Info Cube”, “Virtual Provider”, F4 Input Help”, “Query as Info Provider”, “Hierarchies”

Select “F4 Input Help” -> Display. It will show you the Index status of the Info Object “0MATERIAL”. Last changed by the User, Status, Time, in the tab “BWA Index Settings”

In the same tab we will be able to find the Status of the “BWA Index for Queries”, which is related to the Index for the Queries.

Now from this screen we will be able to find that the Indexes for this Object was not been created and the status is “Red



Go back and select “Create”, which will create the Indexes for the Object 0MATERIAL. Check the Application Log for the details, whether the job has been completed successfully or not. Also check the job in SM7 either.



Checking the Application Log:

In “Display BWA Index Options” window ->Select Logs (Application Logs) -> select Initial Filling -> OK





This will take you to “Analyze Application Log” -> Object: “RSDDTREX” -> Time Restriction: Give the date (Default will be system date) -> Execute (F8)


This will give us the Application Log, from this log we can understand the progress and the process. In case of any issues, we will be able to understand from the log.


Go to SM 37 -> Give the job name as “INDEX FILL*” , Use ID and the date along with the time.

This will give us the back ground job log…



NOTE: Please note that there is a chance that back ground job might be completed after certain time limit set by the system, but the Index filling may not be completed. So, it is always better to check the” Application Log” along with the” Back Ground Job”.

By filling the Indexes for the Master data Objects F4 help for the Reports variable input, user can get the F4 Help quickly when compare to the Help without Indexes. It will increase the “Report Performance”.

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