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Social Sign On is Here

Logging on to SCN is about to get a lot easier!

I’m happy to share that on Monday, April 29, Social Sign On with Twitter will be available. Yes, all members who tweet can link their twitter handle and password with their SCN account. This will make life easier by having one set of log in details to remember. In addition, it will also allow you to log into twitter in the morning and surf SCN throughout the day! Sounds great, right? So how can you do it? Here’s how:

Before logging in, check out the new light blue button on the bottom “Log On with Twitter”:

Social Enabled Log On.jpg

Once pressed, fill in your twitter details and then you’ll see the following screen:

Post Twitter Authentication Link Accounts.jpg

Now enter your SCN email/ ID/ User Name and password and that’s it!

Account Successfully Linked.jpg

The accounts will have been linked and the next time you log in you can use your twitter credentials!

New members, who click on log on with twitter, will be able to create a new account and the twitter data will be displayed in the new user registration form.

We are working on providing additional Social Sign in options to further enhance the ease of member log in. We can look forward to Facebook next, followed by LinkedIn and Google+.

This is a first step in simplifying engagement on SCN, as part of Project Ignite. logo_ignite_Final.gif

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    • I hope it works, too! We've tried a variety of sign-on (persistency, social, etc.) over the past several months and there have been challenges that forced us to adjust on the fly... I'm hopeful on this one.

  • Great stuff Gali!  We've been talking about and planning for this for a long time, but excited to finally be here!  Thanks to Charles Carney for the SSO and SAP ID Services work in the background.  We're starting with Twitter out of the gate, but following up with Facebook, LinkedIn, and others shortly.

  • This sounds great Gali. Just to check - Will this work with remember me and help at all with stopping the pop-ups for SAP certificates that aren't linked with SCN accounts (like mine)? I'm happy to use any style of login (even yahoo) if it avoids me pressing login, and clicking cancel on certificate prompts!



    • Hi Matt,

      the certificate popup is a known issue with our current load balancer software and it is being worked on as we speak (which of course does not mean it gets fixed anytime soon...).



  • Hi, Gali,

    this is great.

    As China social media has huge number of registrations, I'm wondeirng whether Sina Weibo (500M+), Tencent WeChat(300M+) and Renren(200M+) will be considered in the next phases.



  • I agree with Matt Harding, currently my log in always pops up with the SAP certification.

    Also, will I be able to update the twitter handle on the my profile page, just like details such as email or am I asking for too much 😐 !

    Will have to wait for D-Day Monday, April 29 to check it out ...

    Thanks Gali, this is welcome feature. 

    • Hi Anthony,

      You should be able to edit your twitter handle. Go to your profile, scroll down until you see "Edit profile/privacy" on the right hand side. Then it will take you to an editable version of your profile.  Twitter handle can be edited as an instant messager option. 

      Email is not editable, as the email account is tied to the SCN account.


      • I deleted the certificate from my Keychain, after exporting it first, obviously. If only Twitter login credentials worked for Service Marketplace too, I wouldn't need to put the certificate back... 🙂


        • Hi Steve and Frank,

          Since you reference Keychain, I assume that you both work on a Mac.  Safari automatically takes the certificate and we cannot do anything about that.  If you use Chrome, you should be prompted for your certificate where you can cancel.  Everything else should function after that.



          SAP ID Service Product Owner

          • Chrome doesn't give me the option to cancel a certificate login, which is why in the end I deleted the certificate to try this out! It was at least easy to delete and easy to put back.


        • Hrmph.

          Chrome would also automatically log me in, so I tried in an incognito window.

          There I authenticated to Twitter and was asked for user/password. That took a while, not sure when I used that last time 😉

          Then a message popped up: "couldn't update user with ID Dxxxxx"

          Any ideas?


  • Hi,

    Anthony Mendes, I need to clarify.

    When you updated your profile with your twitter handle, that did not give you the twitter social sign on that Gali describes in this blog. It just gives people your twitter account information.

    Gali informed me this morning that twitter social sign on will only be available later today, so please try it again tomorrow. Gali's screen shots and instructions give the complete picture on how to set it up.

    Best regards,


    • Hi Anthony and Jeanne,

      The Twitter log on is now available.  By the way, updating the SCN profile does not link the account to log on with Twitter.  To link the Twitter account, please start at the log on page.



      SAP ID Service Product Owner

      • That's better, but still not perfect. I logged in first with Twitter but the screen did not change to one with a "Link accounts" button. I had to close the page and re-open it to get that. Then the "Link accounts" process took a very long time - long enough to make me think it had failed. I was close to closing the browser and trying again.

        After that it did indeed login without the need for a username and password. Until I closed the browser and re-opened it. Even though Twitter logs me in without asking for username/password SCN still needs me to clock the "login" button. No need for username/password, but I thought I could avoid even clocking "login". Did I misunderstand?


    • Hi Steve,

      The screen did not refresh because we did not get a response from Twitter.  Unfortunately, Twitter is currently over capacity. 

      You can unlink your account in your SAP ID Service profile by going to  There is a Social Sign On section, where you can edit your linked accounts.  Click on edit then unlink to unlink your account.



      SAP ID Service Product Owner

      • Thanks Charles. I've gone back to certificate-based login for now. If social sign-on doesn't avoid the need to click the login button occasionally, I don't see any benefits over certificate login.


        • Hi again Steve,

          Have you tried using your log on credentials and the Remember me on the log on?  There will be at least only one click instead of two in the certificate log on.


          • Once I hit the login link on the main page, certificate login proceeds with no further intervention. I certainly don't need to click twice, like I know other people do. It isn't a major problem for me, but I thought the social sign-on might avoid even that one click (after all, twitter doesn't ask me to login, even with remembered credentials - it just goes straight to my home page). Since it doesn't, and since I need certificate login for other things, I'll just stick with it for now.



  • You might want to try using the Twitter Authenticate API rather than the Authorize API - otherwise users will get prompted by twitter every time they sign in - which isn't good.

    And as it's the IDP service which has implemented twitter authentication not SCN (correct me if I'm wrong but looking at the network traffic from my browser it seems the login is from the IDP and provide SAML responses to SCN) - we still have to deal with the huge delays on login due to the multiple SAML roundtrips. I regularly have to wait minutes for a response from  🙁

    But as a big fan of OAuth and where it can take you, (i.e. away from SAML) then this is great 😉



    • Hi Chris,

      Thanks for the feedback!  Today is a public holiday in German so we will have a look at that API tomorrow. 

      I personally investigated and the wait times that you reference above.  All of the SAML authentication is completed in average of .7 seconds and returned or is waiting to "deliver" the response.  We are working with the SCN development team on this issue.



      SAP ID Service Product Owner

      • Thanks for following up Charles,

        I was going to trace the SAML exchange to give you an example of the bad delays - but of course today it's working super fast 🙂 I think it must be some network latency issues with me being in Australia and the network not being super responsive. Although I did get a 2.1min response for a POST to yesterday (I should have taken a screen shot of the Chrome network "graph" as you'll never believe me (I wouldn't if I were you 😉 ). And mobile logins on my Nexus4 take a very long time (although I haven't traced why this is yet may well have nothing to do with the IDP part or just due to the patchy network whilst I ride to work on the tram.

        Hope you had an enjoyable Labour Day Holiday!

        Will you be publishing the details of how to leverage the Social login capability of the IDP (for use in SAP HANA Cloud applications for example)? Or is it just plug and play ( I can imagine there must be some kind of switch/parameter to enable it?) But that's probably a different blog!

        Thanks again for following up.


        • Funny you should mention the Nexus 4. Exactly the same happens on both my Nexus 4 and Nexus 7. Following a link to an SCN blog takes an age. So long that usually I give up before it completes. Shame it can't redirect to the mobile Jive interface which uses a different login method that works very quickly...


  • I'm especially hopeful seeing Charles connecting with Steve and Chris on this topic. Three experts collaborating on a solution can only mean good things...

  • Social Login!!! Dreamed about that. So cool, it´s been made possible! 🙂

    Any plans to enable login via LinkedIn in step 2?

    "LinkedIn enjoys substantial popularity on sites that cater toward business professionals, with as many as 80% of business professionals choosing to log in with their LinkedIn identity on some B2B websites." Source

    • Hi Thomas,

      We are in the process next of delivering Facebook integration next.  After that is completed, we will deliver LinkedIn integration.



        • Hi Chris,

          We are investigating the Twitter Authenticate API.  We will not be able to make any changes on production until after Sapphire, which is next week.



        • Facebook is a "personal use only" thing for me. In particular I don't use it to authenticate to any other services. Google+ makes more sense to me too. That said, Twitter is my first preference for this sort of thing, and you've already done that!

  • Wait, so this does not remove the need to have SAP ID account to begin with? This just enables you to link Twitter account to existing SAP ID?

    I don't get what is the actual use then, since in most cases my SAP ID, or SSO will log me in in any case. What is the benefit of having additional log in method that basically requires me to have another log in method as well. After all, entering email/password for Twitter is not all the different than entering email/password for SAP ID. Right?