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Restriction of Relief through PCR



Normally if there is any cross financial year retro run happen and that caused any changes in taxable income ( Increment or decrement ) system will generate relief wage type /451 .

The companies can decide whether to compute relief automatically or not, you can do this at the time of implementation through maintaining value for  constant S89SW in T511K table. If you maintained the value of the constant as “1” system will calculate relief automatically in case you don’t want automatic calculation then the value should be “0”.This is a a one time activity once you decidedsystem have to calculate and later  it should not it is not possible in system.

While system perform any cross financial year retro wage types  /616 (Add Gross Salary wage type), /622 (CF Empmnt tax Prof Tax wage type ), /6I2 (CF Section 88 Investment wage type) and /650 (Add Tax payable and surch wage type)  will create depending up on the changes that happen in the system.


Please refer documentation on Section 89(1) Relief provided by SAP

To tackle this scenario SAP provided PCR IN89 ( SAP provided model adjustment wage types you can use the same or you can use copies of the same ). To proceed with this  have to find out the values of wagetypes /616, /622,/6I2 and /650 formed for individual employees and to make an entry in IT0015 with a reverse symbol ( in case /616 is 1000 the entry inIT0015 should be -1000) .

PCR to restrict Relief

In the above mentioned method manual interventions are more so here i am giving a permanent solution through a PCR. If you use this method there is no need of IT0015 entries , no need of query wage types /616, /622,/6I2 and /650  from RT.

For this first of all it is required to create a constant to check the financial year ( here I have given a condition the rule only will process from financial year 2013-2014 ). Let say a constant ZS89 defined in T511K table .


Here value maintained as “1” from 01.04.2013 and before it is “0”.


While processing the  rule  it will check the constant ZS89 and the value of the constant is 1 ( After March 2013 ) , then it will process wage types /616, /622, /650,or  /6I2.

Any  of the wage types exist then in the rule it will take the value of the wage type then multiply it with -1  and add to the wage type and  cumulated tax table SCRT and to RT.

Here in this PCR only /616 and /622 is mentioned  please add /6I2 and /650 in the same way


Include this PCR in schema INN1 below PCR  IN89  using function PDT



In case of incremental income with out the PCR

incre withour pcr.jpg

In case of incremental income with  the PCR

incre with pcr.jpg

In case of decrease in income with out the PCR

decre wiotut pcr.jpg

In case of decrease in income with the PCR

decre with pcr.jpg

Have a Great Day



This complete documention is not any kind  repoduction and the examples which mentioned is not kind of real data.

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    • Hi Jaguar,

      I tried the same but can u pls explain me "Num?kzs89"

      What does the num field takes here?

      Tried with the same PCR but it is stopping at num?kzs89 and going to "*" condition..

      Ex:Hired employee on 01.03.2013 and again in 01.04.2013 did changes for IT 0008, so /616 gets generated but not getting nullified with the pcr as said above going to "*" condition..

      any inputs on the this..


      • That is a constant to activate the PCR after March 2013.

        Please check the document there ZS89 is maintained with a value of 0 from 01-04-1888  to 31-03-2013  and from 01-04-2013 to 31-12-9999 maintained as 1. So if the payroll running on a month before April 2013 it will not work , it will process * option of PCR

        • Thanks Jaguar..

          But in the example which I stated above is correct as per the PCR/Configuration..

          Hired employee on 01.03.2013 but did changes in 01.04.2013 with effect from 01.03.2013.

          So in the above case /616 triggered in April 2013 but why still it is going to "*" condition..

          If I am wrong let me know the way to deal the above scenario..

          Thanks in advance..

        • Hi Sir,

          I read your document which is closely related to my issue, in my scenario client changed the switch from 0 to 1 from 01.04.2012 on wards,but it still processing for some perners,

          can you give any inputs to control for those perners.

          Thanks inadvacne


          Sravani P