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Deploying MBO from Sybase Control Center (SCC)

Dear All,





This Document explains steps how to deploy MBO (Mobile Business Object) from Sybase Control Center directly.




  • SUP 1.x,  2.x




you would have deployed MBO(s) from Sybase Unwired Workspace many number of times. but there is another way to deploy the same from SCC.


1. create a project >> give some name test.



2. create one MBO. (here i am using sample database as backend).




3.  Right Click on test project, select Create Mobile Deployment Package.


4. please go through below stages.  give some file name, package name.





5. then, you would notice one package has been created like below: test.pkg




6. Right click on this package, select Build Package (Incremental)




7. you would have got success message of package creation.




8. A jar file has been created under deployment folder for the current test package.



9.  Open Sybase Control Center. Go to the Domain when you want to deploy the package. Click on Deploy.







10. when you click on Deploy, a new wizard will open like below:

click on next.



11. locate the new created jar file.   (you may find this jar file path from C:\…….workspace2.2\test\Deployment\test.pkg)


go through below stages:





Package has been deployed successfully to the desired domain.



Your suggestions/Comments are most welcome. 🙂



Jitendra Kansal

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  • Nice one, in a controlled environment this is the normal way to get a deployment package onto the Test and Production servers. 🙂

    I have seen problems however with importing very large MBO packages using this technique 🙁 , but this may be fixed in 2.2.

  • Nice Blog Jitendra!!!

    Just wanted to add one more thing that, for deployment through SCC we should use internet explorer, as I my deployment fail multiple times when I was using Chrome and mozilla...

    It works fine with IE.

    Kind Regards,


  • Hello Jitendra

    Quick question on deployment, we definitely would like to have controlled deployment process for non DEV systems however we would like to have the developers been able to deploy packages to DEV unwired server. we were checking and devep role does not seems to provide this ability.

    Do you know if there is any adjustment we can make rather than granted admin rights to all developers in DEV systems to allow deployment?