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Cool Mobile Apps from SAP? Custom built or out of the box?

Market Trends

Sitting here at the San Francisco Airport after a busy week with our SAP Mobility Design Center team, waiting for my flight to be called, I’m checking out the latest mobility market trends in the Wall Street Journal. I’m reading about the latest earnings from some of the big mobile players in the market. Sales for basic phones are declining quarter by quarter. Even in un-developed countries, every young kid wants to own a smartphone these days. Google on the other side posted solid earnings and is rolling out the beta test for Google glass devices. They expect new User Interfaces to revolutionize the way humans interact with software – will we still carry our mobile phones in our pocket in the future or will it be integrated in Glasses, watches or even clothing? Apple, once the most valuable company in the world that dominated the mobile market with new innovation, is being challenged by Google’s android platform success: Samsung is doing bold moves in the US market planning to open 1400 Samsung Experience Shop in Best Buys and launching the new Galaxy S4 broadly in the U.S. this April.

Why care ?

What does this all mean for SAP and our customers looking to mobilize their workforce and to embrace mobile as a main channel when interacting with their clients? From my point of view, it clearly shows that the stable IT systems of records, where one main pillar is not disrupt the existing IT landscape, are challenged. In the new world of agile system of engagements, speed is of essence. IT has to be prepared to adjust on a daily base. Business is asking for new ways to interact with their customers, using mobile the main channel. They are asking for consumer-grade mobile applications supporting business to transform the way they interact with their customers: Mobile applications pushing out personalized offers to end-customers – placing orders with just a few simple clicks on the mobile device. This finally increases customer loyalty and drives further revenue. On the other hand, IT is asked to significantly drive up employee productivity and reduce cost by providing employees with real-time information anytime, everywhere. Which mobile solution to choose and how to ensure the investment made today is not lost in a year from now due to the always changing mobile technology, devices and operating systems?

What to consider ?

A mobile application strategy needs to be defined and implemented allowing IT to address challenging business requirements put on the table by sales and marketing  as well  as providing the flexibility to manage mobile technology and device changes. IT has to answer the questions about how to best source these game-changing mobile applications: Should they go for standard out-of-the-box applications, providing the advantage of being improved and enhanced year after year, or should they go for tailored solutions which 100% fit their unique business requirements and give them the fast-mover advantage. Which way to go for which use case?

Who to ask for help ?

Feeling lost and looking for guidance and best practices on how to avoid the common pitfalls when mobilizing your workforce? Then join us at SAPPHIRE NOW and hear how your peers in your industry mastered the challenges:

  • Watch the theater presentation “46960 Co-Innovate with Mobile Experts to Craft Custom Apps for a Competitive Edge” on Wed., 11:00 a.m. – 11:20 a.m. in the Mobile and Analytics Theater and hear how Kiewit and Sysco Foods  engaged with experts from the SAP Mobility Design Center to build game-changing enterprise-grade mobile applications that help increase staff productivity and customer loyalty.
  • Join our discussion on “Make the Right Choice Between Packaged and Custom Mobile Solutions” Wed., 02:00 p.m. – 02:45 p.m. at the Mobile Microforum MO429
  • Visits us at our Expert Table “MO427 Delight Customers and Employees with Innovative Custom Mobile Solutions” to discuss which mobile application fist best to your unique use case
  • Test drive some of our innovative solutions and prototypes at our test-drive table “MO415 Experience Custom Mobile Apps” and get inspired about the unlimited possibilities to boost your business leveraging custom mobile apps powered by the SAP mobile platform.

For details or to add the following sessions to your agenda, please go to Agenda Builder

See you in Orlando

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  • While i completely agree with your views on why should enterprise IT care about the mobility revolution ...i believe we are looking at a challenging adoption enviornment in near term because of our hardwired notions. What i have seen is that IT teams have been used to building business case for million dollar project, going through the management approval grind for months and then getting it developed through year and finally having a sigh of relief after it is rolled out.  In mobility space you are expected to do this every quarter and for smaller budget and greater business visibility. So it is game of high-risk game but with high impact with low investment !!!

    I believe once this new wiring sets in we will see lot more mobility projects redefining current business processes.. breaking down the barrier of boundries of time and space.

    • Agreed. IT has not yet fully understood the impact of agile, scrum based projects to the internal busgeting and approval process. Seems like getting $1m for a 12months Project is still much easier to get approved than 4 times 250k for 3 months each.