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Author's profile photo Peter Spielvogel

Announcing SAP Screen Personas update: Service Pack 1 (SP1)

On behalf of the SAP Screen Personas development and product management team, I am happy to announce the availability of SAP Screen Personas 1.1, also known by its official name, SAP Screen Personas RCS 1.0 SP1.

The theme of this release is enterprise readiness. We have listened to the feedback from some of our early customers and extended the functionality to make it easier for them to deploy Personas in large enterprise environments.

Enhancements include improvements in the following areas:

System Administration

System-wide settings allow you to define themes and properties on all transactions, even if you do not personalize them.

We also made it easier to manage users and groups along with the flavors they can access. This capability is now linked to the SAP group settings.

Language Support

Version 1.0 ran in English and German.

We have added support for (in alphabetical order) Chinese, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Spanish.

In addition, it is easier to translate flavors. You can export all your personalized labels, translate them, and, create a new flavor in a new language.


Since we designed SAP Screen Personas to improve usability of SAP GUI screens, we are constantly looking for ways to make Personas as easy as possible to use. Our customers have made several suggestions, which we have integrated into the product. Some notable items include:

Cut and paste information from/to SAP screens (Ctrl-Y / Ctrl-C feature)

Numbering in scripts

Commenting in scripts

Transparency as a color

Simpler ways to make fancy buttons

Easier dialog boxes

Image preview before uploading

NWBC Integration

We have made it easier to use SAP Screen Personas with NWBC.


Personas now supports JAWS and other text readers.

Bug Fixes

Bugs happen. We fixed them. This is always part of Service Packs.

You can read the full details in SAP Note 1845927.

Next Steps

If you are already a Personas customer (thank you!), you can download SAP Screen Personas 1.0 Service Pack 1 from Service Marketplace.


If you are considering buying Personas to improve the usability of your SAP GUI screens, now is a great time to talk to your SAP account executive.

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      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Peter, is there a partner program available where we can download screen persona's a part of our test en demo license we have with SAP?

      Author's profile photo Peter Spielvogel
      Peter Spielvogel
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Pim,

      We expect to have a partner program in place over the summer. Thank you for your interest in SAP Screen Personas.



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Let's wait.


      Author's profile photo Paul Hardy
      Paul Hardy

      I still can't help wondering what the company SYNACTIVE think about all this. They had the free product GUIXT which I first encountered in Israel in 1999 for SAP 4.0, which did the same sort of thing as SAP screen personas.

      On the internet you can see dozens of presentations of how assorted companies used this - the baseline free version which was pretty good for 95% of needs - and the add-ons you had to pay for. The Australian wine society used this to good effect for example.

      Anyway all these years SAP have been embracing the GUIXT solution e.g. press ALT+F12 on any SAP screen and see if you can spot the words GUIXT in the menu.

      Now SAP have decided to do this themselves. Fair enough, I for one am very happy SAP realise that a great deal of their custmers still use the SAP GUI and have not all jumped to web browsers, but I do wonder what the head of SYNACTIVE thought when he/she first heard this.

      It was the same with SEEBURGER - they sold SAP add ons for various EDI standards, this time the situation was the reverse of the GUIXT thing - SAP now gives the products people had to buy from a 3rd party free with the PI middleware. I wonder what the head of SEEBURGER said the day they found out? probably "oh dear" or could it have been stronger?

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Peter,

      we already sucessfully upgraded our demo system from SAP Screen Personas SP0 to SP1 and we are very satisfied with the new features and bug fixes. I want to share some insghts with the network in order to realize a smooth upgrade from SP0 to SP1:

      1. Before installing SP1 -> Apply pre install instructions from SAP Note 1842360
      2. Download and install SP1
      3. Execute post installation steps for SAP Note 1846381 (migrations) --> Report needs to be executed once in each client you are using to store flavors (not only in 000)
      4. Apply SAP Note 1849624 (contains logon error fix if Personas logged in with language other than English)
      5. Go to SICF->Services and check if the setting/configuration of the RESTGUI Service was reset during the update (compression mode, error handler, …). If yes reapply changes to RESTGUI Service as described in the configuration guide. You should check if the /PERSOS/ namespace can be modifed using transaction SE03 -> Set System Change Option -> (Scroll through the lower window). Set to "Modifiable" if not already set.
      6. If you installed Personas and SP1 in client 000 but you are using it from other clients then login via SAP Logon to client 000 and to other clients start the admin transaction and go to General Actions-> Maintain Control Id Overwrite Logic and copy/transport all entries from client 000 to the other clients if they are not already there.



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      How does/will Screen Personas fit in with Fiori?

      Author's profile photo Paul Hardy
      Paul Hardy

      I'd love to hear the answer to this one.

      Both products claim the same aim - to target the most common transactions that are currently performed in the SAP GUI. There is a huge debate on this in Graham Robinsons blog first thoughts on Fiori".

      Someone raised the question what if a company had just paid a load of money - and it is VERY expensive - for Screen Personas - and the very next day SAP start pushing Fiori for some of the very same transactions e.g. create sales order, for what appears t be a lower price?

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      I think this situation is indicative of technology in general.  Advancements are being made in so many directions, it has become a challenge to pick the "right" direction.  its great to have options but sometimes they can conflict heavily.  I'm anxious to see what SAP says about this specific direction.  I think the two can work concurrently but I'm not sure where it is in the development process to be able to do so.  Of course, in the end, it all boils down to the cost/benefit.  Fun times!

      Author's profile photo Peter Spielvogel
      Peter Spielvogel
      Blog Post Author