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Shout out for Volunteers for SCN Community Project to Wikify the SCN Community’s Favourite SAP Transaction Codes

Having watched, ‘Good Morning Vietnam’, on a flight on Monday, I have to begin this blog with…

Good Morning SCN,

    SAP Transaction Codes

    Our favourite SAP Transaction Codes

    Who’s favourite SAP Transaction Codes ?

          Functional Consultants favourite SAP Transaction Codes by Function

          Functional Consultants favourite SAP Transaction Codes by SAP Component
          – ECC, FI, HR, CRM, BI etc

          Basis Consultants favourite SAP Transaction Codes by task

          Basis Consultants favourite SAP Transaction Codes by SAP Component

          Development Consultants favourite SAP Transaction Codes by task


          Development Consultants favourite SAP Transaction Codes by SAP Component

As we all know, there are thousands of SAP Transaction Codes, everybody has their
favourite most useful SAP Transaction Codes.

There are disperse and diverse websites all over the Internet containing people’s
favourite lists of useful SAP Transactions by function, by task, by component.

There’s even a hard copy SAP Press book of SAP Transactions which is great and
I even own a copy but it kind of seems an oxymoron every time I look at it,
because a) it’s not easy to search, and b) it doesn’t get updated, and c) it’s big
and heavy.

Isn’t it time, the power of the SCN Community was unleashed to compile a
perpetual work in progress list of everybody’s favourite SAP Transactions Codes ?

Imagine the power and usefulness of such a list of SAP Transaction codes,
perpetually maintained and compiled by SCN Community Members, divided and
catagorised by Function, Task, Component, in one list, fast searchable
and available to contribute to and take from by all.

This blog proposes we start a new Wiki, The SCN Wiki of SAP Transaction Codes.

We can agree a skeleton for the Wiki, cataloging and classifying SAP
Transaction Codes by SAP Component and Function – Basis or Functional
or Developer. 

We can catalogue something like this:

    SAP Component – ECC

          Functional SAP Transactions


              Tcode xyz – small description & and version validity

              Tcode xyz – small description

          Basis SAP Transactions


              Tcode zyx – small description

              Tcode zyx – small description

          Developer SAP Transactions


              Tcode qwe – small description

              Tcode qwe – small description

    SAP Component – BI

          Functional SAP Transactions


              Tcode xyz – small description

              Tcode xyz – small description

          Basis SAP Transactions


              Tcode zyx – small description

              Tcode zyx – small description

          Developer SAP Transactions


              Tcode qwe – small description

              Tcode qwe – small description


The proposal is one Wiki page, which will then be easier to search and
not require clicking back and forth through layers of catagorisation.

The Wiki will be editable by all.

Together using and unleashing the power of the SCN Community we can
build the world’s greatest list of SAP Transaction Codes maintained
in one place on the Internet by the SCN Community and searchable and
editable by all.

How cool is that ?  🙂

Please give your feedback if you would like to contribute from the
beginning and have any ideas how to make this SCN SAP Transactions
list even more valuable and useable for the community.

As we all know, Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents P*** Poor
Performance, and keeping this in mind, the first step, is to agree
the structure of the SAP Transaction Codes catalogue, if you have a
better solution to the cataloging structure than the above proposal
give your feedback in the comments here.

The Wiki is here:

The SCN Community’s Wiki of SAP Transaction Codes

It is a work in progress.

All the best,


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  • Hi Andy,

    I really like this idea.  How many times do we see questions about which transaction does X, or what does X do?

    It'll take a lot of effort, but I'll be willing to sign on to help!


    • Hi Sue,

      great thanks.

      It is surprising this has never been done before, but it's never to late to do this and once we get it going the goal is it will be perpetually updated by the SCN Community to become the most valuable powerful list of SAP Transaction Codes on the Internet.

      Do you have any feedback on the proposed structure, is it ok, can we do it better ?

      Best regards,


  • Hi Andy,

    Sounds like a plan - definitely willing to do some of the Basis ones. 

    As to the structure, for Basis I'd head it up as 'Basis transactions' with a general list, and then a sub-category per system, e.g. BI. CRM. PI, etc where we list transactions that are particularly useful for that environment.  For example, in BI where we can see the state of loads. 



    • Hi Graham,

      thanks for volunteering.

      I think the key to the design is going to be prioritised by two criteria:

      a) Ease of knowing where to add an entry

      ie, imagine a person has never updated the Wiki before, but knows about the wiki, and comes across a super transaction which can be added to the wiki and decides to add the transaction to the wiki.... where will the person put the transaction, we need the layout and organisation of the Wiki to be as intuitive as possible and as fast as possible for finding where to add an entry

      b) How it looks

      ie a person has opened the Wiki, the Wiki needs to look pleasing and have a logical structure, we don't want someone to open the wiki and get a headache

      Regarding searching I have no fear of that, google and scn will know about the Wiki and if a person is in the Wiki they can search with ctrl - f.

      I guess we can start with a design and run with it, and if need be do a reorg not far into the project based upon ongoing evaluation and feedback.

      Let's start with Basis transactions, along your design, and if that works we can expand outwards to other components in an evolution of that design.

      I will prepare the Wiki.

      All the best,


  • Okay,

    the Wiki is there:

    We can work with the text description/introduction and also the layout, but at least the initial framework is in place.

    Next steps,

    . start adding Basis transactions and content

    . create the welcome text and user guidance

    . add the sections for Functional and Developer Transactions, General and per SAP component

    . and anything anyone else thinks of

    Let's work with it for a few weeks, and get it right and then blog it again as available for users and contributors.

    The Wiki is unlocked.

    Everybody owns this Wiki so feel free to go ahead and work with it.

    All the best,


  • Hello Andy,

    I appreciate your enthusiasm but still want to ask what's the added value of such a site (or what do you assume to be the added value) compared to using SE16 and searching TSTCT or compared to the large number of websites (e.g which do just this, export TSTC and put it on a website?

    Is it the subjective selection by SCN experts? Is it the special organization as suggested by you? Is it a higher quality description of transaction codes set as standard for a WIKI entry? Is it the capability of having a discussion for each transaction (which actually is not possible due to your suggestion of putting all in one page)?

    I mean, I usually love to parse, aggregate and manipulate/process data to present it in a certain way and could well do so with TSTC/T system data and mass upload it to the WIKI (given this were considered legal since it is within the SAP ecosystem), BUT would this be of any help or just producing mass data spam?



    • Hi Anton,

      thanks for the feedback.

      One day if you want to contribute to this project you are most welcome to join in.

      Have a great evening.



      p.s. discussion pages for transactions, is a nice idea, a solution would be that where the contributor wants to add a description and discussion about the transaction code, that transaction code line item could be a href to another Wiki page describing and discussing the transaction and it's possibilities in greater detail. This is down to the contributor. You can go first, if you have a great transaction, which justifies more information, then create a Wiki for that transaction and the description and discussion and link to that transaction Wiki in the line item you add to this Wiki for the transaction.

      Excellent idea.

  • Hi Andy,

    liked the idea. I can help too. One of my colleagues started to do that in his ABAP blog, but in Portuguese He named the list as "list of magic transactions" 🙂

    As you said, there are many places with lists of transaction codes on internet.

    I found some links here in SCN about transaction codes that can be put together in a structured way as you mentioned and help to create the first list:

    Should it be a Wiki or a Collaborative Document?



    • Hi Raquel,

      thank you for the feedback.

      This is precisely my point, there are bits of lists of SAP Transaction Codes here there and everywhere. Let's make a definitive list, of the SCN Community's favourite and most useful SAP Transaction Code, logically catalogued, easy to update and search and browser.

      I run a Wiki, SAP NetWeaver Basis Administrator'sToolbox...  which is open for anybody to update and which is a toolbox of useful doco and OSS Notes for Basis Administrators and I think that wiki is pretty comprehensive.

      I personally miss, a definitive trusted list of SAP Transactions, and there is nothing more frustrating than searching google for details of transactions to find all kind of nonsense links which are nothing more than attempts at tricking the reader to be sucked into a monetised web page full of google ads links. And selfishly this is my personal motivation for starting a Wiki which will be for SAP Transactions what the Basis Toolbox is for OSS Notes and doco.

      To move forward a step, my goal is to get the community to buy into this, see the value and the benefit and for everybody to update it with their most useful transactions, then it will be really useful.

      Wiki or Document ?

      Personally, and I don't want to seem glass half empty, but I don't like the two clicks to get into Documents and I am not sure if Documents can be edited by anybody ? But I think Documents are perfect for work instructions and procedures, but for a list of Transactions, is a Document ideal ?

      Of course, this is an open source project and we are right at the very beginning, if there are reasons why a Document would be better than a Wiki then it's not to late to change.

      To conclude, if Wiki is ok, then please go ahead and start adding Transactions following the current convention, Rome was not built in a day, and the Wiki needs an intro text and the formatting will evolve over time, but the skeleton is there.

      Here is the link:

      The SCN Community's Wiki of SAP Transaction Codes

      Anything else you want to discuss, this is an open source project and an open forum so let's discuss everything in the open 🙂

      If we, the community can get this going, then I already have an idea for the next SCN Community created wiki 🙂

      All the best,