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Issues in BI 4.0 SP 5 & workaround

A WEBI reports created based on BEx query using BICS connector. Report have dimension objects and measure objects. Measure objects have numeric data as well as % data as defined in BEx query and observed two issues till now.

Product version:

BI 4.0 SP 5

BW 7.0

Below are the issue details and workaround to overcome it

1) #UNAVAILABLE for measure object

A WebI report on BEx query with few dimensions and measure objects (numeric and percentage figures) shows data. As soon as a report level variable (dimension) is added in table, a column having measures with percentage data shows #UNAVAILABLE

There are three ways to overcome this issue

a) Instead of creating report level variable, create an Alerter with same logic and apply to object(s) in table


b) Calculate percentage at report level in variable and use it in report block along with other report level variable (dimension)


c) Create report level variable as Detail object and set its association with Dimension object. Use both Detail and its associated Dimension object in report block


2) Table disappears in Page mode

A table is having Merged cells. Reports shows this table in Quick Display mode. However when switched to Page Mode, table disappears.

Remove merged cells from table. Table will appear in Quick Display mode as well as Page mode.



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