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Display message in Webdynpro ABAP

Without wizard

  1. In the view which we require the message declare an instance for interface IF_WD_CONTROLLER ( This interface is implemented in the class CL_WDR_CONTROLLER )and for interface IF_WD_MESSAGE_MANAGER .
  2. Call Method wd_this->wd_get_api( ) [ WD_THIS is the reference to the View Controller ]
  3. Assign the value returned from the method wd_this->wd_get_api( ) to the instance of IF_WD_CONTROLLER .
  4. After this assignment we can access the method GET_MESSAGE_MANAGER using the instance of IF_WD_CONTROLLER to the instance of IF_WD_MESSAGE_MANAGER .
  5. if you have an assistance class call the method wd_assist->if_wd_component_assistance~get_text( key = ‘XXX’ )     into a string variable.
  6. Pass this message to the method  report_error_message of the instance created with if_wd_message_manager.
  7. If a success message is required use the method REPORT_SUCCESS instead of report_error_message

Using wizard

1. Go to the view where you require the message .

2. Go to Webdynpro code wizard

3. Select the tab general

4. Select the radio button General Message

5. Select the method which you require ( Report Error / Report Success)

6. Fill the message text with the required message

* Even if you use the wizard for messages understand the underlying code




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