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Using Keyboard shortcuts in HANA studio Modeler

This document is prepared based on SAP HANA Version SPS05 Revision 47.

It is possible to use the keyboard shortcuts in Modeler, say for example without opening the information view in the Navigator panel or without doing right click on the information view, we can Validate, Activate, Data Preview and can do much more by simply using the keyboard shortcuts.

Some of the shortcuts I use are:


For this we need to do some settings.

From main menu Window, choose Preferences.


Expand General, choose Keys. Select the Scheme as Modeler from the drop down.


To create the shortcut for validating object, the binding value is Ctrl+Shift+V.

From type filter text, enter validate and you may observe that the binding value is empty, if it was not set before.


Select any of the validate and in the binding, just press the keys Ctrl,Shift,V. It automatically types in the keys you press and choose Navigator in When drop down. Click Apply and OK.


The binding value is now mapped to Validate and we are ready to use the shortcut now.

In the Content folder, go to your corresponding package and expand it. You can see the list of Information views, if it contains. Select the view you want to validate and press the shortcut key we just created i.e. Ctrl+Shift+V.


The job will be submitted for validation and validates the object.

Similarly you can bind values for Activation, Data Preview, etc.

For the list of all available shortcuts, please refer to the page number 164 -165 of Developer guide

To remove the bind value, you can click “Unbind Command” of Preferences window.

Note: Also instead of using “Ctrl+Shift+V” for validation, you can simply use any alphabet say “V”. But I will not recommend and strongly suggest that only SAP provided keyboard shortcuts to be used.

Thanks for your time and hope you like this

Raj Kumar S.

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