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HCM Processes & Forms: How to configure new start application (ASR_PROCESS_START_OVP) from portal

I am very glad that I am one of the early birds who have tried and configured EHP6 FPM forms (sample ones though).

HCM Processes & Forms EHP6 has a lot of new functionalities, which made me excited in many ways.

1.    As a first step, to start configuring the iview in portal, copy any existing iview and modify the properties for the iview as mentioned in the below image:


2.   2. To support the hierarchical view in the list, a small configuration has to be made in column group. In IMG execute ‘Define Column Groups’ action as shown in below image:


3.      3. Populate the fields for the column group ‘ASR_ORG_COLUMNS’ which is used for hierarchical view. Basically here we could set which column visibility, add or delete columns.


4.       4. From the below list of activities choose ‘Create or Change Assignment of Column to Column Group’


    • And add few fields to this column group.

5.       5.  When the start application is launched from the portal (with the configured iview) it opens a webdynpro browser as below:


6.       6. From the Category we could choose the object types you want to search for.


    • And I use ‘Employee’ and search for an employee using Personnel number.

7.      7. Select the ‘Employee’ in the list and click on ‘Show in Hierarchy’ icon in left top corner of the list.


    • From the above image, you can notice that Object type appears along with ID number in ‘ID’ column. Corresponding Object processes can be initiated by clicking on the ‘Processes’ icon.



    • When the form is selected, it opens up in a new browser.
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  • Hi Naveena,

    Excellent blog, it helps a lot,

    BTW, where did you configure this start application>?? for MSS or HR Admin Role

    I know the new HR Admin Role has been delivered with the new Start Applicaiton but, I want to check about MSS.

    In MSS for the service Start Process for an Employee - Did you change the LPD_CUST and made the config to start application?? or did you change the iView in Portal??

    Also, how to make the start application work only for Employees in MSS and Only for Orgnatizational processes??

    Please let me know.


    • Hi Shalini,

      Thank you and happy to know that blog was helpful.

      I have configured this start application from MSS(as that was my requirement). And havent changed anything in launch pad customizing, I have just changed the iview in portal.

      There are a few application parameters for this iview as we had earlier, OTYPE, INITIATOR_ROLE etc, using these values you could restrict the start application for a specific role and and a specific Object Type (Oragnization).


  • Hi Naveena,

    Using this new application - Do you know if it is possible to initiate a form with the option 'Process Without start object'?  i.e.  Allow the user to skip object selection? .  This was introduced in EHP4 for ASR_PROCESS_EXECUTE_FPM but I suspect this is a gap.  Specifically for FPM forms I am interested and not Adobe forms.