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CO-OM_Cost center planning for 12 months with Excel upload


1. Create Planning Layout: Tcode KP65


Planning layout: Z1-103EXCEL

Copy from layout: 1-103

2. Change Planning Layout: Tcode KP66

a. Chosse your new layout

b. Go to Edit / Gen. Data Selection / Gen. Data Selection

– Choose Period field in the left list, and remove it to the right list.

– Then click “Confirm”



c. Double click on ‘Plan Fix Costs’ Column in layout, choose the Period in the right side and move it to the left side

– Enter the value 1

– Then click “Confirm”

– Change the name of this column by putting the cursor at this column, choose ‘Change text’ button, enter the new name, example: Plan cost 1



d. Copy Plan cost 1 column to another one and change text, change value of period to 2, 3, 4 until 12.

Note that the copied column is created in the left side of current column.

e. Delete some unnesessary columns like Plan Consu., Dist (atfer Plan consu. column), Uni, Q

f. Save the layout.



3. Assign the layout to Planning profile:

Path: SPRO > IMG > Controlling > Cost Center Accounting > Planning > Manual Planning > Define User-defined Planner Profiles

– Choose the Profile you’re using (or you can create new Profile), go to “General Controlling” tab

+ If Planning Area “Cost ctrs: Cost element/activity inputs” exists, choose it and go to “Layout for Controlling”

+ If Planning Area “Cost ctrs: Cost element/activity inputs” doesn’t exist, create new and choose it and go to “Layout for Controlling”

– In “Layouts for Controlling” tab:

Create new entry with assigning the new layout, check on Overview and Integrated Excel box.



Choose it and go to “Default parameter” tab:

– It goes to the same layout, enter some example parameter:


– After that, the message is appeared:


– Click “Overview screen” button, the message is appeared, choose “Enable Macros”:


– Then, click on “Save file description”


– Besides that,save as this file to another excel file to make it as temple for uploading.

– Go back, the file description is creared and updated automatically



4. So now, you prepare the data in the excel file and save it as .txt

– You can change to another cost center and add more cost element.

But you need to copy correct name of cost center and cost element.

Example: I have an upload file:


5. Upload planning data: tcode KP06, specify the layout your created.

– Go to menu Extras > Excel Planning > Upload…

– One screen is display, specify the location of upload file, choose the correct file description has been assigned to your layout


– Execute it.

– The log is appear if successful like this:



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