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1. Create Planning Layout: Tcode KP65


Planning layout: Z1-103EXCEL

Copy from layout: 1-103

2. Change Planning Layout: Tcode KP66

a. Chosse your new layout

b. Go to Edit / Gen. Data Selection / Gen. Data Selection

– Choose Period field in the left list, and remove it to the right list.

– Then click “Confirm”



c. Double click on ‘Plan Fix Costs’ Column in layout, choose the Period in the right side and move it to the left side

– Enter the value 1

– Then click “Confirm”

– Change the name of this column by putting the cursor at this column, choose ‘Change text’ button, enter the new name, example: Plan cost 1



d. Copy Plan cost 1 column to another one and change text, change value of period to 2, 3, 4 until 12.

Note that the copied column is created in the left side of current column.

e. Delete some unnesessary columns like Plan Consu., Dist (atfer Plan consu. column), Uni, Q

f. Save the layout.



3. Assign the layout to Planning profile:

Path: SPRO > IMG > Controlling > Cost Center Accounting > Planning > Manual Planning > Define User-defined Planner Profiles

– Choose the Profile you’re using (or you can create new Profile), go to “General Controlling” tab

+ If Planning Area “Cost ctrs: Cost element/activity inputs” exists, choose it and go to “Layout for Controlling”

+ If Planning Area “Cost ctrs: Cost element/activity inputs” doesn’t exist, create new and choose it and go to “Layout for Controlling”

– In “Layouts for Controlling” tab:

Create new entry with assigning the new layout, check on Overview and Integrated Excel box.



Choose it and go to “Default parameter” tab:

– It goes to the same layout, enter some example parameter:


– After that, the message is appeared:


– Click “Overview screen” button, the message is appeared, choose “Enable Macros”:


– Then, click on “Save file description”


– Besides that,save as this file to another excel file to make it as temple for uploading.

– Go back, the file description is creared and updated automatically



4. So now, you prepare the data in the excel file and save it as .txt

– You can change to another cost center and add more cost element.

But you need to copy correct name of cost center and cost element.

Example: I have an upload file:


5. Upload planning data: tcode KP06, specify the layout your created.

– Go to menu Extras > Excel Planning > Upload…

– One screen is display, specify the location of upload file, choose the correct file description has been assigned to your layout


– Execute it.

– The log is appear if successful like this:



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  1. Former Member

    Julie, thats a nice compilation…

    I think you can enhance the utility of it by having CC also as a lead column…. The challenge with what you have done is that you need to make a separate excel file for each CC.. Where as by having CC also as a lead column along with CE, you can upload for multiple CCs & CEs at the same time… (Though I never tried it myself !!)

    Me and Eli Klovski have always had a sweet arguement over whats the best method, where I say LSMW and Eli says Excel upload ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Former Member Post author

      Hi Ajay,

      Yes, you’re correct.

      You can put Cost center as a lead column, like Cost element.

      By this way, you can upload for many cost center in one time only.

      I have tried to customize it and it worked fine.

      But, for authorization for each cost center, I put cost center in Header.

      Thank you very much for your comment.

      In this case, I agree with Eli, ๐Ÿ™‚ !


      1. Former Member

        Ahhhhhhhhh!! So, I am alone this side this time ;-(

        The reason i prefer LSMW is – I recorded my LSMW 6 yrs back and exported it into a .txt file… So, I just import it at each client’s place and its done!!! It still serves me good

        Regarding the auth issue you pointed out – thats a valid point. but usually, companies have a central team doing this job.. So, that team has auth for all CC… So, that problem gets ironed out easily

        BR, Ajay M

  2. Srinivas Salpala

    Hi Julie,

    Its a user friendly presentation and one can easily understand the way how you compiled it.

    All the very best and keep sharing knowledge:)

    BR, Srinivas Salpala

  3. Former Member

    Very handy guide! Thank you, Julie! This was exactly what I was looking for.

    One question: where is the Excel template saved? You know, the one you create in Step 3?

    1. Former Member Post author

      Hi Ed,

      Thank you for your comment.

      In step 3, when you opening the template by excel to generate the description file, you can choose Office button > Save as > … and specify the local as normal.


        1. Former Member Post author

          Hi Babu,

          Yes, of course.

          You remove the cost center from General Data selection and create one more lead column with Cost center, like Cost element column in the layout.



  4. Former Member

    Hi julie,

    In last step I am trying to upload text file but system has showing error upload failed, list contains no data, even I am trying with Import single file as well import file directory also.



  5. Former Member

    I have not used the general data tab,

    i have planned using cost elements, cost centers and activity type with integrated excel.

    i have multiple layouts now, with activity type and activity independent.

    i have keyed in data in kp26 and then i come to kp06

    for excel functionality, it is just a tick in the check box in kp34. My only issue is that, when i key in data in KP06 and save it, the data disappears, is this due to 740 patch upgrade issue or is there a note that needs to be implemented.


    I have done the period, fiscal year and version config in kp65, kp75 and kp85.



    Arvind Leo Pereira


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