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Overview of CRM Grantor Application


Application as a business transaction in CRM Grantor Management has different features compared to other business transactions like sales order, service order in SAP. It is created with reference to grantor program which in turn integrates with ECC for budgeting and funds management and defines the master data attributes for the lifecycle. Application can be created standalone or from application form based on web request process, which provides the user to gather information about the grantee and mainly used for eligibility assessment and calculating award amounts helping the potential grantee to receive information about the grantor program and apply for a grant.

Web Request is used in the creation of application will be based on request category, XML structure is defined in the configuration and is integrated with the BSP/Webdynpro UI. This will be displayed as a reference in the assignment block of the application and serves as a place to know the information provided by the grantee for the grant.


Design of the Grantor Application for Public Sector in CRM

Application like other business transactions consists of basic data at header and item like Status management to control the lifecycle, Organization management for sales and service org determination, Partner data for parties involved, apart from the one order framework components references to the form in an assignment block in case application is created based on the web request.

Program is linked to the header from which application inherits predefined data for ECC integration, linked document types for process, validity dates and funding rules.

Item list contains the payment type as a key and these are specific to grantor process which defines whether it is payment (GPOU), advance (GADV), repayment (GPIN) holdback (GHBK) associated with item category to distinguish one time, periodic, claim based or milestone payments. Expense types are used to define the expenses paid as part of the grant which is a subset of payment type. Billing request items are linked to each item which is integrated with ECC upon released status. Unlike other transactions there is no product associated in the item.

Pricing is determined based on payment types which fill requested amount, authorized amount and eligible amount in the application header and item data. Product like other business transaction is not associated with the pricing determination.

Funds pre commitment document is created in ERP as soon as application is created in CRM and updated each time application is saved unless controlled through status management.



Enhancements in creating an Application from Web Request

Web Request badi CRM_WEBREQ is triggered during the application form process –


  1. FORM_ON_CREATE is triggered when the
    application form process is started and used for verifications and defaulting
    the data.
  2. FORM_ONEVENT captures the event and
    communicates to grantor framework; SUBMIT event triggers the application
    creation process.




Grantor management transactions are different to other transactions in CRM, It follows one order framework and integrated with web request framework to leverage requirements of public sector management and can be integrated to PSCD or AR/AP in ECC.

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  • Hello Anjani,

    Great article very helpful! one question, is CRM Grantor is capable of working in a standalone scenario without ECC integration?


    Johan Alonzo