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MSS POWL Inbox config (EHP5 & above) – LAUNCHPADHANDLER action

This document focuses on the configurations required for MSS POWL inbox using LAUNCHPADHANDLER action.

The document is an extension to the great work done by Sagar in his blog:-

Though in most cases object based navigation using OBJECTNAVIGATIONLAUNCHER would be the preffered approach but in some cases using Launchpadhandler action can serve the purpose as well. Unfortunately there is not much of information available (atleast I couldnt find much) on how to use this action.

Hence I ended up writing this blog in order to share my thoughts.

This blog does not intend to go into details described by Sagar in his earlier blog. It is just specific to the use of launchpadhandler action.

Scenario – Launching custom WDA from MSS POWL Inbox using LAUNCHPADHANDLER action –

1) Configure the MSS POWL inbox iView on the portal using the WebDynpro application & POWL application id as mentioned in Sagar’s blog.

2) Configure launchpad using LPD_CUST transaction:-

    a) Create new launchpad role or use the existing one –


     b) Configure the launchpad created in step a:

         I have configured it for my custom WDA application which would eventually be launched from the POWL MSS inbox



3) Configure the POWL inbox tables:-


      SPRO path – Cross-Application Components->Processes and Tools for Enterprise Applications->Inbox


     a) Assign Task IDs to POWL Types: View IBO_C_WF_TA_P_SC

      View IBO_C_WF_TA_P_SC.png

     b) Define Tasks and Actions->Create or Change Actions: View IBO_V_WF_ACC

         View IBO_V_WF_ACC.png

     c) Define Tasks and Actions->Define Action Properties: View IBO_V_WF_APC


         View IBO_V_WF_APC.png

     d)  Define Tasks and Actions->Define Task Properties: View IBO_V_WF_TAC


          View IBO_V_WF_TAC.png

     e)  Define Tasks and Actions->Assign Actions to Tasks: View IBO_V_WF_TTAC


          View IBO_V_WF_TTAC.png


    4)  The WDA application should be launched upon the click on the relevent workitem from the POWL inbox iView.

Please go through the related content section of Sagar’s Blog for more details on POWL.

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  • Thanks Prabhu. As the name suggests it is used for OBN for applications such as standard ESS leave request approval application. You can refer to the link of Sagar's blog in this blog and you can see the example config of OBN to launch the leave request approval screen.

    • Amit, I get this success message everytime I execute the workitem. can I somehow disable it. I dont want a message to appear when I click on a workitem.

      Thanks in Advance,


  • Dear Amit,

    .Amazing job! Good explanation.

    I have one query for you.I you can help it will be of great help!As we are near our golive.

    We have a scenario to show standard Purchase orders of ECC to show in POWL Inbox.

    For that I have done entry in SPRO as below


    after this config the PO workitems start appearing in POWL Inbox.But when I opened them it gives below error.Screen.png

    Do we need to define actions for these PO? As these are the standard one there is no WD- application associated with these tasks.So,can we still use launchpadhandler?

    And If not how to use OBN handler in this case? Can you throw some light please?

      • Hi amit.tyagi2,

        Can you please tell me when to use OBN configurations.

        Is it for all standard tasks, should we we use ObjectNavigationLauncher.

        could you please also provide me any link if so how to configure OBJECTNAVIGATIONLAUNCHER .

        Appreciate your inputs.