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Current Enhancement Requests – 2013-04-22

Hi Everyone;

    Here are the latest statistics for the main product enhancements being tracked by ISUG-TECH. If you are an ISUG-TECH member, please remember to log-in and vote for your products enhancements so that ISUG-TECH can forward the key ones to SAP for possible inclusion in the next release!

Current Products in the System

Enhancement – Adaptive Server Enterprise 347 Apr 10, 2013 12:49 AM
Enhancement – Appeon for PowerBuilder 8 Jul 23, 2012 02:29 PM
Enhancement – PowerBuilder 537 Mar 27, 2013 08:49 AM
Enhancement – Sybase IQ 18 Mar 26, 2012 02:46 PM
Enhancement – Infomaker 9 Oct 21, 2011 02:14 PM
Enhancement – Replication Server 16 Feb 09, 2011 03:26 PM
Enhancement – SQL Anywhere Studio 7 Feb 10, 2010 10:44 AM

Each enhancement in the system can be voted on independently of other enhancements. You can assign one of 5 possible votes, each      expressing a different opinion that you may have about the request :

5: Needed I have to have this in the product!
4: Recommended I think is this is a good idea and can see how it could be beneficial
3: Undecided I’m not sure; seems to be a mixed bag for me
2: Not Recommended Bad idea; this enhancement will introduce negative effects to the product
1: Not Needed This is not needed (equal functionality implemented in another way, etc.)

Regards … Chris

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    • Hi

        A good question!

        <hint> If we could get a detailed list of enhancements from SAP about PB 15 </hint> - then we could answer that one!   😉

      Regards ... Chris

      • You really need to pin SAP down on whether they are actually going to use the list going forward. If the answer is NO, then there is no point in having it. If the answer is YES, someone should go through the list to weed out duplicates, issues that have already been taken care of or things that just don't make sense anymore. I wouldn't be surprised if there are 10 year old requests in there.

        • Mike Harrold said they were in the process of migrating the enhancement list to something that SAP is hosting.  At that point (a while back, now) he and Matt Balent were supposedly working on closing requests that were no longer valid (for whatever reason).  The last time I asked for a status update on the progress, I never got a response.  Not sure what's going on.    

        • Hi Roland;

             FWIW: ISUG has been after Sybase to review these every year for as long as I have been associated with ISUG (10+ years now). As Enhancements Director in 2005, I went through each product, summarized the enhancements and sent each product manager quarterly updates for their related product.

            You are correct in that some of the 538 active PB enhancements are now approaching 10 years old - and its not because they are not great suggestions either - its because Sybase chose to ignore the PB community.

          The enhancement queue for each product is available for every Sybase or now SAP product manager 24/7 to review and update. AFAIK, no product manager in recent years has bothered to look at it the queue - or if they did - no statuses were changed (ie: not implementing, under consideration, planned for next release etc).

            There is no excuse for SAP not be actively reviewing the ISUG enhancement queues as ISUG can give any product manager full 24/7 update access upon request if they do not already have that.

             Personally, having ISUG submit a few items into the SAP enhancement process is a joke and stall tactic (IMHO) to implement what the real PB community needed a decade ago into PB (Classic mainly that is .. you know - where most PB developers are working)!

          Regards ... Chris

  • I'm deeply concerned. We have been for many years an authorised seller of PB in the UK and Sybase has supported us very well in that role, they recognised the benefit of a 3rd party delivering support for their products.

    This year already I have lost potential new sales because SAP cannot/will not quote for PB licenses or training. I'm dreading my customers coming round for their annual support renewal in Aug as I'm pretty certain that I will not be able to quote and so they will not be able to renew their support. This is sending a very negative message to the existing base and will within 12 months will push Powersoft away from PB altogether.

    I have always been an advocate for buying annual support for PB. However, I will not be renewing my support in the future as we are not getting any benefit.

    Personally I see no commitment from SAP, we have been pushed out and I feel that the PB team is in disarray. I cannot get any sales support from SAP in the UK, I did get a call from Germany and the consulting division after I complained to Sue Dunnell, but that has achieved nothing.

    The potential customers have lost interest and done other things, the game is over!
    We will not be spending any money on the future on PB.

    I'm sure the moderators will pull this before it gets out, but who knows. I have also Posted the same on linked in where there is no censorship.


    • I think No News from SAP regarding PB is All the News. In my opinion, they are done with PB and PB will be in maintenance mode going forward, doing enough just to keep it alive.

    • Hi David;

        I feel your pain.   🙁

      Its things like this that have driven the Canadian distributors away from Sybase products and now SAP's lack of action on PB continues to accelerate  the Canadian Federal Government IT departments away from the product as well. This is especially disheartening considering that there are local sales & technical resources in Ottawa that have never visited any PB shops. No wonder not only Sybase but SAP are loosing business to PeopleSoft, Oracle, MS, etc  who manage their product, customer & partner relationships to a much better level.

      Regards ... Chris