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  1. Former Member

    Hi Pulkit,

    After doing all this I am getting error Message no. FB595 default form set  is missing.

    We have created our own Z program and not using the standard one as you mentioned here. Do we need to do some other config in this case? or it is an issue with the way the form is developed?

    Need your inputs



    1. Former Member Post author

      Hi Prateek,

      It is difficult to tell the reason behind the error without access to the system. I would suggest you to perform the following steps

      1. Change the configuration so that it points to the standard Adobe form and print program to see if you get any error messages

      2. If step 1 is successful, configure custom adobe form to see how it works

      3. If step 2 is successful, configure the custom print program to see if you get any error messages.

      Since I havent worked on a custom print program, I cannot share my experience with you around this. But if the custom print program isnt working, you might want to take an alternative approach to use the initialization of the adobe interface for your forms to place in your custom logic.

    1. Former Member Post author

      HI Ramprasad,

      You can use a custom interface, but it should be a copy of the standard one.

      You can define global variables and write custom code within the custom interface but cannot modify importing/exporting variables



  2. Former Member

    I recently had a requirement to develop new SAPScripts for Dunning for a new company code. But we proposed using Adobe Forms instead. During development, the functional consultant was stuck at defining Form Name in OB96 for the new adobe forms using the program ‘RFKORD10_PDF’. I maintained the entry in V_T001F2 as mentioned in point 5. BUt every time I entered the form name and program, I always got an error saying ‘Form <form name> is not defined or not active’. Apparently, one can only configure SAP Script forms through OB96.

    To configure adobe forms, we have to follow the following path:

    SPRO>Financial Accounting>Financial Accounting Global Settings>Correspondence>PDF-Based Forms>Define Form Names for Correspondence Printing

    This takes you to the same OB96 transaction but is specifically for Adobe forms as the titles for the usual OB96 t-code and this one varies.


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