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HCM Processes and Forms – Tips for FPM Tables

As we are all aware we have LIST type forms that can be used to display the “Tables”. I want to list down few tips around “LIST” type forms in this blog.

Scenario –

You have a form that is submitted by Employee and Manager approves the form(after which data gets posted into SAP). Employee should see some fields say 20 fields and Manager should see the entire form say 50 fields. Out of the fields that Manager can see, there is a table which has 5 fields/columns.

Solution –

The above requirement can easily be achieved using the “Scenario Steps” and “Field Attributes”. As a first step, define the “Field Attributes” for all these 50 fields as “Step Dependent”. Next, create two scenario steps – EMPLOYEE and MANAGER and assign respective 20 fields to the EMPLOYEE Scenario step and assign all fields to the MANAGER Scenario step.

Result –

First two fields gets displayed and the entire MANAGER related fields are hidden, except the table. Though all columns under this table are hidden, but we still see an empty table with no columns or no entries.

Tip –

To resolve this issue or to get rid of this empty table, set the below attribute(Hide Empty List) –


By default the Personalization is set to “Enabled”, so this makes the “Hide Empty List” disabled. To enable the “Hide Empty List” attribute, set the Personalization attribute “Disabled”.

Scenario –

You have to display 5 fields in a tabular format i.e. in a table.

Solution –

Add these fields to the List type form.

Result –

You might see all fields in a table, but not all rows. You might end up seeing only one row all the time.

Tip –

Set the “Field Attribute” for all the table fields to SAP_PA / SAP_PD / SAP_PT / Generic Service. Even though you don’t want to default a value, kindly set with some kind of default values/dummy value, else, you will not be able to display the table data in multiple rows(only first row gets displayed). To demonstrate this issue, let’s say I have 3 fields in my table with the below configuration –


Set the default value of third field as “Without”.


I have added these fields to my FPM List form and when tested I see the below result –


By default I am supposed to see two wage types, but I am only see one wage type.

To avoid this issue, set the default value of the third field as SAP_PA with value as “DEF” –


Save your form to see the expected results –


Stay tuned for more tips in the upcoming blogs…

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  • Hi Raja,

    Thanks for sharing this.

    Could you please let us know how can we display multiple rows in designed table(list).

    We have a requirement to display number of records in a table in FPM FORM layout.



    • Hi Lava,

      Thanks for your feedback.

      Yes, you do have a property-"Visible Row Count" to control the number of default entries displayed in the List.

      Let me know if this is your requirement.



  • Hi Raj, thanks for all your wonderful blogs in this area, it has been really helpful.

    The table control doesnot seem to work if we use generic service classes. NOT sure if SAP is aware of that. It always display only one entry no matter how many entries I push from the generic class and the Feeder classes is somehow losing values in between. May be SAP has not detected this. Every month they are releasing a note or two for FPM forms.

    Would you know a resolution for this. Thanks in Advance.


    • Hi Raghavendra,

      Thanks for the feedback.

      We are not facing any kind of issues with the List forms using Generic Services. I am able to see multiple entries in these tables. We are in EA-HR SP5 !

      Not sure how you are populating the table entries list. The tip#2 in this blog is applicable even for "Generic Service", so please see that you populate each and every field of the table control has a default value populated.

      If you still face anymore issues, please let me know, I would write one simple blog on this functionality which might help you.


      Raja Sekhar

  • Hi Raja,

    Even we are making changes in the general settings , it is not helping us to populate multiple records.

    You have mentioned "Set the "Field Attribute" for all the table fields to SAP_PA / SAP_PD / SAP_PT / Generic Service." - where we have to maintain this .

    Can you please help us