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Getting familiar with Web Intelligence Layouts with SAP BusinessObjects Mobile

I am using BI4 SP5 on the platform with BusinessObjects Mobile 4.4 on the iPad.  After looking at this, I strongly encourage you to develop Web Intelligence reports using the Web Intelligence Rich Client, as it gives you more space to create the report and navigate/size for the mobile device.

First this report is using a table and 2 graphs.  Below is how it appears in Web Intelligence on the Launchpad:


After developing the report in Web Intelligence, I need to assign it the Mobile category so it will appear on the Mobile BI application on my iPad.

How does it appear on the iPad?


Midway through this process I decided to switch to Web Intelligence Rich Client for simplicity sake.  So I added a graph – now I have 1 table and 3 graphs:


How does it appear on the iPad?


Then, I added another graph, this time a waterfall chart.  This makes one table with 4 graphs:


How does it appear on the iPad?


It splits it up into two pages, with the table and two graphs and then I swipe to get to the next page:


I’m looking forward to others sharing their experiences.  Note this report was done using an Analysis View as a datasource from a SAP ERP/ECC Transient Provider.

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  • Hello,

    Is It require to develop the separate webi reports for BO Mobile-IPAD and Andriod.Since most of the existing webi reports which are able to see through launchpad are not able to fit to all devices.

    Is there any bestpratices for formatting the webi report in such away that it should fit to any device.

    Thanks in advance



  • What you show is consistent with the Card Layout Model that is used when reports are assigned to the Mobile Category.

    The Administrator and Report Designer's Guide is an essential read in understanding how the Card Layout and Page Layout (report assigned to Mobile and MobileDesigned categories) models work when viewing content on the iPad.

    The doc is available for download from the site