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Radio Buttons in FPM Forms


Whenever we do something new, we tend to co-relate this new thing with our prior experience. So before I go ahead with my main topic i.e. Radio Button in FPM Forms, I would give a quick re-cap on how the Radio Buttons work in SAP’s hero UI – Web Dynpro ABAP. We have “Radio Buttons” UI element in Web Dynpro ABAP and we have an option to bind multiple radio buttons to the same context node(in other way we are grouping these Radio buttons) –


Main Story

Radio buttons in FPM forms works in a different way. There is no “Radio Buttons” UI control, instead you have “Radio Button Group” –


The field that is linked to “Radio Button Group” should have the possible Radio buttons / options defined at the Data element level itself.


Link the field to the Radio Button Group –


Make sure you set the “Position” and “Column Count” properties appropriately to control the display of Radio buttons –


Thanks to Sarabpreet for joining me in exploring this concept in FPM Forms.

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  • Hi Raja,

    Thanks a lot for your input.

    I have the need to implement a radio group whose values are dynamic.

    See for example, the business process Certificates Generation where employee can select a certificate available for him (say a list box 1 - Work Certificate, 2 - Salary Certificate, etc.)

    When selecting a certificate, i want to have a radio group corresponding to languages for which the selected certificate can be generated.

    For example, if he selects the 1 - Work Certificate, the radio group Language would be 01 - English, 02 - French, 03 - German

    However, if he selects the 2 - Salary Certificate, the radio group Language would be 01 - English, 02 - French (No German).

    Do you know how to implement this through radio group? Or dynamic domain values can only be implemented for List Box?

    Thank you in advance for your feedback.


    Carla Sousa

    • Thanks for the encouraging feedback.

      Unfortunately, I didn't do a deep dive(like dynamic manipulation similar to your requirement).

      If I get some time this week, I shall look into your request and keep you posted.


      Raja Sekhar

      • Hi Raja Sekhar,

        I hope you can help me, even though it's related to this thread.

        I got a requirement to build FPM Form as custom form and i'm new to FPM Forms.

        I have lot of fields in my form for this:

        1. Do i need to create all the field at field section or if i create a structure for all these fields custom feeder class are those enough to create form?

        2. If i use Custom Feeder Class how can i assign parameters like standard feeder class which is coming from HRASR_DT tool.

        Actually i created custom feeder class with my structure and i replaced standard feeder class with my custom class.

        Please suggest me on this, your help is highly appreciable.



  • Hi Raja,

    Instead of showing as Option 1, Option 2 ,Option 3 & Option 4, do you have any Idea how to change the text to say Set to some status without changing the same in domain. Where to write code for this and sample piece of code will be helpfull



  • Hi Raja,

    Thanks a lot for sharing.

    I have tried to do as you explained but I'm not getting the Radio buttons generated.

    Attached screen for your reference.


    HRASR_DT Screen:

    Portal Screen:

    Best Regards,


    • (1) Make sure you form fields are "typed" data element CHAR1 or something.

      (2) Make sure in FLUID that you make your radio button group span how many ever rows you need (ie.START and END row set correctly).

      • Hi Christopher,

        Thanks for the Reply.

        Both the above mentioned conditions matches but still I donot see any radio button either in at design time or portal.

        Best Regards,