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As per sapnote : 1077887 , /sybase mount point block size in HP-UX should be 8k

But where as i have checked as per the above note by using the below command,

fstyp -v <logicalvolumename> | grep f_frsize  —– giving out put as 1024

That means that the block size is 1k ?

but where as if i checked fstyp -v <logicalvolutme> | grep f_bsize  — giving output as 8192

Which one will refer blocksize in HP-UX ( that means f_frsize or f_bsize )?

Please let me know the difference between f_frsize and f_bsize and which one should be 8k as per sapnote 1077887 .

Suppose if f_frsize is 1k what is the impact?

Please suggest and explain more detail.

Note : One thing i have observed in my stystem that all the OS Related mount points (/var, /opt, /tmp etc ) both f_frsize and f_bsize is showing 8192


Siva Rajesh

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  1. Susan Keohan

    Hi Siva,

    Since you have posted this as a blog, you will probably not get an answer.

    I recommend that you perform a search on the appropriate discussion space – it is very likely that this question has already been asked and answered.  If you don’t find anything, then post this question in a discussion space.

    Good luck,


  2. Eduardo Rezende

    Hi Siva,

    As Susan mentioned, questions should be posted as discussion.

    Anyway, here is the difference:

    f_bsize = file system block size

    f_frsize = fragment size


    Eduardo Rezende

    1. siva rajesh Post author

      Hi Eduardo,

      Thanks for your reply. But as per the above note stating that block size should be 8k and also SAP has given the command,

      fstyp -v <logicalvolumename> | grep f_frsize should show 8k.

      That means that for SAP point of view f_frsize ( Fragment Size ) also should be 8k?

      It’s little bit confused. Please clarify more on this.


      Siva Rajesh.


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