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/sybase mount point block size in HP-UX


As per sapnote : 1077887 , /sybase mount point block size in HP-UX should be 8k

But where as i have checked as per the above note by using the below command,

fstyp -v <logicalvolumename> | grep f_frsize  —– giving out put as 1024

That means that the block size is 1k ?

but where as if i checked fstyp -v <logicalvolutme> | grep f_bsize  — giving output as 8192

Which one will refer blocksize in HP-UX ( that means f_frsize or f_bsize )?

Please let me know the difference between f_frsize and f_bsize and which one should be 8k as per sapnote 1077887 .

Suppose if f_frsize is 1k what is the impact?

Please suggest and explain more detail.

Note : One thing i have observed in my stystem that all the OS Related mount points (/var, /opt, /tmp etc ) both f_frsize and f_bsize is showing 8192


Siva Rajesh

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  • Hi Siva,

    Since you have posted this as a blog, you will probably not get an answer.

    I recommend that you perform a search on the appropriate discussion space - it is very likely that this question has already been asked and answered.  If you don't find anything, then post this question in a discussion space.

    Good luck,


  • Hi Siva,

    As Susan mentioned, questions should be posted as discussion.

    Anyway, here is the difference:

    f_bsize = file system block size

    f_frsize = fragment size


    Eduardo Rezende

    • Hi Eduardo,

      Thanks for your reply. But as per the above note stating that block size should be 8k and also SAP has given the command,

      fstyp -v <logicalvolumename> | grep f_frsize should show 8k.

      That means that for SAP point of view f_frsize ( Fragment Size ) also should be 8k?

      It's little bit confused. Please clarify more on this.


      Siva Rajesh.