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Stepwise Document for Manual Triggering of Interrupts in a Process Chain

Scope of Document: This document helps us to understand the steps to be followed in case the interrupt are not triggered automatically in a process chain.

Some process chains are dependent on other process chains for their processing. In such cases we have the concept of events & interrupts. Until and unless first chain does not raise an event, the corresponding interrupt will not be triggered in the dependent chain and it will not progress further.

To trigger an interrupt some event has to be raised. But sometime there might be a situation that the chain which is scheduled to raise the event is not completed or has failed due to some reason, but we have to move the dependent chain further. In that case we manually trigger the interrupt so that loads could be finished. To execute this process we follow a process which is explained below:

Step1: In the below picture, the highlighted interrupt is not triggered because of some reason the chain which was supposed to trigger the event for this interrupt did not raise it.

The next step is to check whether the previous process chain had finished or is still in progress. If it is in progress then there is no need to take any action.

But if the process chain was cancelled or was not scheduled due to some reason then we have to take manual action. This interrupt will not be triggered until the event for which it is waiting is not raised. In this case this interrupt will be triggered manually.

Find out the interrupt to be triggered.


Step2: After identifying the interrupt, find out the event which is to be raised to trigger this interrupt. For this right click on interrupt process step in the process chain, click on Display Scheduled Interrupt Wait Jobs


Step3: After clicking Display Scheduled Interrupt Wait Jobs, Job Overview screen will appear. Click on the Job name on this screen.


Step4: After clicking on Job name, below Display Job screen will appear. Copy the Event name from this screen.


Step5: After copying the event name from Display job screen, Go to transaction SA38 and run the program ZFXXRAISEEVENT.


Step6: After execution of program ZFXXRAISEEVENT below screen will appear which will ask for event name. Paste the name of the event which is to be raised to trigger the interrupt.


Step7: After entering the event name, click on execution. After execution below screen will appear. It shows that the event has been raised successfully.


Step8: Now go to process chain in transaction SA38 and refresh the process chain. The interrupt is triggered manually and process chain has been moved further.


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