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Social Media: Why this should be on top of Sales Enablement activities

file000341456511[3].jpgAgain another great week, especially because I have the chance to join our onsite team meeting discussing how we connect our sales and consulting organization to learning that matters. As a matter of fact, I am still overwhelmed by all the creative ideas in order to make this a reality.


One major topic that instantly popped-up during various discussion I had during our meetings and meetings with sales executives was around Social Media and how it is impacting today’s business environment.


The main learning out of these conversions was that most of sales colleagues are knowing about Social Media channels, such as Twitter, LinkedIn etc. However, most of the feedback was around: Yes, I know that engaging in social media channels and I know if them, but why should I being part of it and what is really impacting my business/quota.


Make your sales force aware of the following benefits and enable them accordingly: Channels: Provide information on potential channels to interact with prospects and existing customers. They might have already heard of them, however provide them with a list of Social Media channels.


  • Governance: Educate your sales force on any internal communication guidelines. What they should and must not do: this is key. Think about levering your communications department.
  • Contribution: Create awareness about the WHY Social Media is important. Customers today rate/decide on a certain product or services offering via Social Media channels. Your sales force needs to be part of this conversations: showcasing any successes or commenting on latest trends.
  • Incentivize: Make your sales force shine. Incentivize top contributors for sharing and collaborating on Social Media channels.


Considering the above, when building your sales enablement plan, your major activities should not only focus on selling skills, how to position a certain product or services portfolio. It also should guide your sales force through how to leverage Social Media and how this at the end leads to better business outcome.

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