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Resolving Integration conflicts

Resolving integration conflicts.

Integration conflicts are reported between two versions of a resource automatically by the DTR if the version being integrated as a part of the activity is neither a predecessor nor a successor of the currently active version of the resource in the workspace.

In the current scenario there are two tracks in the lanscape.

  Track1 : D–>Q–>R

  Track 2 : F–>S–>P

The two tracks are not connected by track connection. So to move the code from R–>F, the sca files are manually copied from track 1 to track 2. As the old sca files are not deleted and new sca files are copied to the track 2, the components run into conflicts. If the conflicts have to resolved while moving the code FàP. it they are not resolved the assembly of the components would fail.

Checking for conflicts in DTR.

Logon to the DTR with  theuser id which has admin credentials and on the right most corner there will be symbol for conflict search. 



Click on the conflict serach and select the workspace, conflict state and click on show.


The open conflicts in the selected workspace are shown beow.


Procedure to resolve the conflicts.

Open the  NWDS. Logon to the track (the track with the conflicts) with the logon credentials.

Open the view integration conflicts.  In this view we will be able to see the conflicting files in red under each DC.


To resolve a conflict we have to select the conflicts from inactive DC and right click. Then from the context menu select resolve conflict à choose one of the following options. 

·         Accept colliding

·         Accepting Active

·         Merging versions


In the current process we select accept the active version.

To accept the active version, it asks for an activity. So create an activity.


When we click on ok. The conflicts in the inactive would be resolved. When we check in the activities back into the DTR, then the conflicts in the active also would be resolved.







Once the activities are realeased, there will be no more conflicts in the integrations conflicts view.


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