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ABAP in Eclipse Survey – Remark: Survey is over now – Thanks for your participation

Dear ABAP Community,

Since July 2012 SAP offers the new ABAP development tools for eclipse as an alternative for the ABAP workbench for productive usage.

As we are very interested in incorporating your demands and wishes into our new product we need you support here. In order to do so we have prepared an online survey to offer you the possibility to give feedback concerning the new ABAP development tools for Eclipse.

You will reach the online survey via:

This will take only a few minutes of your time.

Many Thanks in advance.

Best Regards,


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  • There is something that SAP never seem to understand.

    If I go to TECHED or some such I see the latest technologies that SAP has just come out with. They are always wonderful.

    However, 99% of organisations cannot upgrade every year, 5 to 6 years is more on the money, so what I see I cannot use for six years, and by then SAP have changed direction and are pushing something totally different. The enhancement pack thing was supposed to speed this cycle up, but since an enhancement pack is an UPGRADE nothing changed at all.

    I personally can't wait to use ABAP in Eclipse. I have used Eclipse for Java - surprise, surprise - and it is bees knees, which is why so many of it's features have been copied into SE80 over the years.

    In six years time, when I use ABAP in Eclipse in my day job, I'll come back to you in regard to what it is like to use in one's day job.

    Cheersy Cheers


    P.S. Maybe it is just the devloper in me, but when you do a survey like that, why don't you have a FINISH button or some such which takes you back to where you started from?

  • basically i am a java guy.

    i really don't see the big benefit from moving to eclipse.

    previously everything is integrated..... now it is separated...moving all to eclipse, i think it may take another 5 or 6 years.

    sap should spend more money to make customer happy, not the developer......

    • i think you still have to go to workbench

      when you run your program, it is still delegated to sap gui, which is embedded as a view in eclipse

          • I agree it has a way to go, but, having used it, I'm convinced that once these wrinkles are ironed out, it will take off. In any case, there are things you can do in ADT (eclipse) that you can't do in ABAP Workbench, so we're kind of forced.

            Like ABAP Objects, developers who can not or will not make the move will be at a disadvantage to those of us who do.

  • I'm surprised that answering that we're not using it, just evaluating it leads to the end of the survey. 

    So, I'll give my feedback regarding gaps here. Currently we are evaluating ADT. The only obvious gap I've found is that there seems to be no method of creating text-elements within the tool. (Perhaps I missed it).

    • Hi Matthew,

      this "feature" was not intended when we created the survey. For sure we also want to collect feedback from developers that only evaluates the ABAP development tools in eclipse. Sorry for that.

      To your concrete question: curently it is not possible to create text elements in eclipse. You have to navigate to the GUI editor to create it. The plan is to integrate that task into the QuickFix functionality. That means you use a new text element in your source code that does not exists. The QuickFix option in the editor (CTRL-1) will offer you the option to create the text element. But this functionality is not available yet. Just to give you an idea how this may look like.



  • Hi Thomas,

    During my stay in SAP Labs , i was a part of the development team for ABAP in Eclipse. ( Alex Thomas was my DM) . I saw a buzz in SAP for these tools but outside as a consultant , I don't see any buzz. What I think is , people who work in only ABAP and never seen an eclipse environment would understand the utility of this when they see the finished product affecting their daily life. Unfortunately systems needed to be upgraded for it and it doesn't make much sense ( money wise) to spend money only for this .

    It would be great if people are educated to it beyond Techeds. May be you can target SITs for knowledge dissemination.