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A special version of SAP NetWeaver 04 BW 3.5 Frontend Add-ons

here are some Infos about the Maintenance strategy for the SAP NetWeaver 04 BW 3.5 front-end add-ons.
Support is provided for BEx 3.5 with BW 7.0x or BW 7.3x as long as BEx 3.5 (NetWeaver 2004) is in (extended) maintenance (April 2013). Since the end of  extended maintenance for BEx 3.5 corresponds with the end of maintenance for SAP GUI 720, BEx 3.5 is delivered as standard up to and including SAP GUI 7.20. BEx 3.5 is not contained in the SAP GUI 7.30 standard system.
After April 2013, customer-specific maintenance is possible in special individual cases for BEx 3.5 (with SAP GUI 730).


The add-on belongs to Restricted

Shipment procedure. So customers who need to download the add-on have to ask for access via customer message to BW as mentioned in the pilot note 1767068. Also See SAP Note 1652771: BEx 3.5 cannot be used with BW 7.x.

IMPORTANT NOTE for Crystal Reports 2008 with SAP TOOLBAR:
SAP Toolbar using some Active X Objects witch delivered in the BEx 3.x ADD-ON.

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